April 2020 Pink Moon

Even under lockdowns the moon’s still up in the sky watching over Earth. Imagine how many tales, secrets she could share and tell from being Earth’s constant companion. How many lost civilisations she could say they collapsed due to a pandemic as the nature took back cities?

DSCF5249Waning crescent

April’s full moon’s known as the Pink Moon as it coincides with the blooming of pink wild flowers. This year it was the 2nd super moon of 2020 and the first moon of spring! Egg Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Budding Moon and Moon When The Geese Lay Eggs Moon are April’s full moon other names. Pink Moon is more magical.

Third quarter

This year due to the Covid-19 lockdown most moon shots are just the moon. No trees, buildings framing her. Apologies if they’re a little of the same and more. Thanks to a sea view I got to see some amazing moon rises as it rose a ball of orange over the horizon and moon ladders as night sea diamonds and sparkles lit up in its cool reflection.

Waxing Almost fullFull moon riseMoon ladderDawn waning Pink MoonBack to waxing for May’s Flower moon

The sun or the moon? I like them both equally. Night and day, day and night. The moon shines both during day and night, night and day while the sun lights up the night sky for all but a few days during a new moon. Each silently looking after Earth.

4 thoughts on “April 2020 Pink Moon

    1. It’s amazing how our minds go wild with imagination! And just for asking why the sky is how it is created physics, astrophysics, quantum physics, myths, tales of creation, aliens, looking for answers to everything!


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