Long Time No See. Summer

Happy Summer! 

Sneaking off to beach for a dip to cool off and sunbathe’s now a daily thing. Being warm without being wrapped up in layers makes me smile. Feeling the warm sunshine on my skin makes me happy. My favourite season’s here, Summer! 

Apologies for my lack of posts recently. Taking on extra means something has be scarified usually blogging. Not blogging, not being creative makes my brain, me feel unproductive and irritable. Few people read here, however that doesn’t put me off doing something I enjoy. If you want it that badly you’ll find time or make time for it. Conjuring up time’s my new goal.

What have I’ve been up to the past few weeks?

I ran my 4th Spartan Race! In Andorra! I participated in my first Spartan Race Mountain Series which will probably be my last Mountain Series Race. Probably. The Super’s terrain was tough. We were above the tree line in many places up in the snow. The views were amazing! Many obstacles weren’t the usual Spartan obstacles in keeping with the terrain, crossing snow melt streams, rivers (not sure if a river as up in the mountain. I’m forgetting my geography), throwing snowballs instead of javelins, climbing okay, like a mountain goat, tiny steps (thanks P for making that stick in my head you *£$%^!) up 3 steep endless slopes. It took me about an hour less than the Spartan Beast. The following 2 days afterward the day after, going downstairs or any steps I had to hold onto the rail my quads were screaming so much. Thankfully now in the Open heats you can share forfeit obstacle burpees which I only found out reading the rules (always read the rules!). Every time I went to do mine I always asked whoever was in the burpees zone or walking to it, ‘You want to share them’, 15 each, 10 each? Nobody said no! Some were what? Leave me to burpee, these are tough, oh you want to share, lets do it! P finished a little ahead of me doing all his burpees. I was you didn’t ask anybody to share them?

Smiles at the finish. Few during.

Would I run it again? For sure Spartan Supers. The Beast I’m debating, just not up in the mountains. But never say never. Those that did the Andorra Beast, Ultra Beast and the Hurricane my hat goes off to you. The Super pushed me. I felt slight nausea from the altitude. Towards the end I was is it over yet? I think it was a little shorter that usual Super distances making it my longest and toughest 10km. There’s another Super in September and yes if I can get transport I want to run it! 

The cats came too! It’s easier to bring them along as they’re on so much medicine between them rather than ask someone to look after them. They did great once there. Not a peep on AJ in the car, who then spend 2 days lounging under the bed or duvet. Going D got car sick. In spectualar style which included peeing me. Thanks D.

Hair of the dog hike before heading back to the city. I’ll be sharing more photos in future posts.

St Juan sunset, celebrating the last longest day of the year before the days start getting shorter. The city celebrated with fireworks on the beaches until sunrise. I celebrated repotting plants. Exciting. 

Why yes, zoo visits! 


I’ve been reading instead of YouTube and Netlfix. YouTube is getting less as I’m getting better at putting down my phone. I’m only watching those I like and try not to get sucked in loosing an hour or so by stopping myself from going down one. Netflix I was good for a month until I started watching Something In The Rain, a K Drama that I finished in little over a week. This weekend I watched all of GLOW Series 2. Episodes are only 30 minutes with the cliff hangers leaving me wanting more. Before I knew it, I’d watched all of series 2. Reading can send me to sleep and then I’m out for the evening so I’m not winning ending night naps. And of course reading at the beach, because it’s a great excuse to read. Read at the beach.

Indoor climbing I’m gradually gaining more strength. I try to incorporate exercises that help in my own training. As I’m learning climbing’s very humbling. One day you’re strong, the next you can’t remember how you did the climb/send last time. Thankfully the mat’s are super thick greeting the floor.

June’s nearly full Strawberry Moon

How’s your Summer going so far?