Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you’re having a great weekend! Before I forget, Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers! Mine’s been unintentionally catching up on sleep in an already out of whack sleep routine, but hey, I think I’ve found a solution to bulky scarves.

I always find most scarves are too big for me making me look like either I’m wearing a neck brace or my neck resembleing the inter galactic police, the Judoon in Dr Who. I can’t get them to hang just so and cycling I need them to be able to tuck in my coat without looking bulky. The solution I came up with this weekend is to cut them lengthways in half or by a third. I’ve checked the edges and I don’t think it’ll mess up them up. I’m hoping to put my hypothesis to the test this week. It could go either way. I’ll let you know!

Anyways, Weekend Friday Favourites! Things that have made me smile this week or have caught my eye.

Sunset Palms

Battle Ropes

Now the brand spanking new equipment effect has worn off after a year, my gym now leaves out the battle ropes from the cross training classes. I’ve been brave enough to have a go this week working on the basic 2 arm and single arm waves and my biceps have been on fire! I’m hoping my gym permanently leaves them out so I can play more with them!

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights now brightening up the shorter days 🙂 I wish they could stay up until the end of January. January’s always the longest, darkest month and a little bit of sparkly light brightens it up. 

New (Clean) Oven

I had or the apartment had a new oven installed as the old one was switching itself off after 15 minutes then switching itself back on. I’ve been caramelising my Tone It Up Nutrition Plan muffins for months. Baking or cooking in general isn’t my thing, but I was proud this week, was the first week I didn’t burn them! 

Hill Myna

My other bird friend’s back on exhibit at the zoo! Upon entering the one of aviaries I always say Hola to the owls. There’s some thing about owls that demand respect. I couldn’t see them and instead I got a Hola I recognised immediately. My bird’s back! He was a little wary at first but when he realised it was me he came over to ‘chat’. I thought he’d forgotten his English lessons however my next visit he was ‘Hello!,’ ‘Hello!’, Cuckoo, and whistles. Yes, I get more excited about chatting with 2 birds than people.

Fabletics Fossil Print Salar Capris

Okay, I took advantage of Fabletics 50% everything Black Friday deal (USA Fabletics had 75% off everything. Crazy) to stock up on black regular length Salar leggings. They’re my everyday live in them winter uniform and cycling I get through a lot (they wear the same as double the price with change Lululemon Wunder Unders). I’m stocked until Spring next year!

With my November pick this month, they finally had in lighter coloured leggings after a run of dark colours which didn’t appeal to me. They’re listed as fossil print but are more snakeskin print and I hardly noticed I was wearing them working out. They’re the lighter Salar fabric which I prefer. Some Salar capris mostly the plain capris are of a thicker stiffer fabric which I don’t like as much. I’m hoping these wash and wear better than than their new fabric, PowerForm. I haven’t been too impressed with the wear and wash after a few washes. I could have waited until Black Friday deals to get them, but I had enough points for a free outfit so they were my pick. If they’re in the January sales I may get another pair as I like the print so much. Seriously however, I don’t need anymore fitness clothes for a while!

Internet Finds (It’s been another BBC news week as it’s been one of the those weeks again)

Lucas the spider. YouTube. If all spiders were so cute, they wouldn’t be so scary!

The barefoot skateboarders. Unique sports stories from India. YouTube

Justine Leconte. From fast fashion to fair fashion: a toolbox to change the fashion industry. TEDx YouTube

How recycled roofs are transforming homes in slums. BBC News

Can ice structures solve a Himalayan water crisis. BBC News

The shampoo bottle saving babies from pneumonia. BBC News

Nasa expert shows us how Earth ‘breathes’. BBC News

Three dogs help injured woman survive Canadian wilderness. BBC News

Mexico creates huge national park to protect marine life. BBC News

Why donkeys are a reminder of one island’s sweet old days. BBC News. These donkeys are the lucky ones compared to those in Africa who are currently being slaughtered at a in-comprehensive rate for Chinese medicine. Just eat plants to get better and leave animals out of it.

Pets are good for us, but not in the way we think they are. National Geographic

Light pollution: Night being lost in many countries. BBC News

New jaguar frog discovered on abandoned highway. National Geographic

What’s been making you smile this past week? Did you find any good Black Friday deals or stayed away? I tried to be good. Only getting items I needed or know I’m going to use; workout clothes, bras, Tone It Up protein powder for those muffins (I skip it in smoothies) etc, or items I’ve had my eye on for ages waiting for them to go on sale like jewellery.

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