Xmas Shopping, Grinch and Real or Faux Fir?

I’m done with Christmas shopping! Literally and figuratively I’m done!

Somehow I pulled off last minute getting all the presents and cards in the post Tuesday. Luckily I wasn’t working as it took me the best part of the day with a gym break and 30 minutes at the post office stuffing boxes and plastic envelopes before they shut. I got stung with the cost (perhaps they’ll let me off paying admin fees for a parcel stuck in customs. That would be a real Christmas miracle) with yesterday evening shopping for the last presents. Either Barça wasn’t playing yesterday or everybody forgoed the match to shop. Wednesday evening during football season’s the best for shopping if you don’t like crowds or queuing. The Spanish celebrate Christmas but ask any Spanish kid and they’ll tell you it’s the Kings in January who bring presents, not Papa Noel. However some kids get double whammy presents. Now everything is on it’s merry way, I’m free to continue my KonMari Method declutter sort out and look for a tree, if I can find one. Polar Bear tag

I’m debating real vs faux fir tree. They recycle the real trees here (you drop them off at local tree collection points), but even if they’re still healthy with roots (some, the roots get chopped off and stuck on a wooden base) as I found out this year, they get mushed up in the mulch for the parks. I’d rather replant it to absorb excess CO2. Mushing up a healthy tree for no reason makes no sense to me. Faux fir, looks that, faux, are more expensive, storage is an issue and I have a cat that loves to chew on plastic. My conscience goes into overdrive at times and I end up sounding like Scrooge or the Grinch. I’ll see if I can get some fir branches to play with or a mini faux one that doesn’t take up much storage.

Anyways I’ll leave you some photos of my adventures this week:

Christmas tree lights, El BorneChristmas Tree Lights, El Borne

Last light, Tuesday, Barceloneta Last Light, SunsetLast light, reverse sunsetSnuggles with AJSnuggles with AJD loves a box. If it has paper packing sleeves in, he loves it even more! Diesel and his box

Saturday Workout: TRX and Sandbag work followed by Burn and Flow one of Tone It Up 2016 Challenge workouts as part of their latest workout bundles. The rest of the bundle is stuck in customs. I should’ve known better. Thankfully the bundle workouts are digital download! This was I believe Barre inspired and while I do floor work for my abs/cool down circuit, this workout was different to my own and I loved it!Tone It Up Burn and FlowLast long run of the year Sunday. 16km up the coast. I’ll pick up longer runs in January as I have 2 races coming up in the next 2 weeks. Sunday 16km run viewReal or faux fir Christmas tree? My parents always had a real tree and replanted it every year until they ran out of tree space. Now it’s faux every year. Love Christmas shopping, the wrapping or just shopping or the wrapping?


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  2. says:

    I would love to shop in Barcelona one day – preferably with you! Glad to hear all your christmas shopping, packing and sending is done 🙂 Also love the snow on your page. Does it snow in Spain during Christmas? I never know because I just assume all of Europe has a white Christmas but then Spain is known for its hot weather too. Happy Holidays!

    1. says:

      🙂 I’d love to shop with you here and in Sydney! It snows here in Northern Spain, the mountains around Madrid and in the Pyrenees which are about 1.5-2 hours away. Snow sports are big business here! I remember it snowed for just one afternoon a few years ago here. That was cold! It took me about 2 hours to get home walking in the slush (as soon as it hit the ground it turned into slush) as the metro couldn’t cope. It gets damp cold here which is worse than snow cold. Have a great weekend xoxo

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