Weekend Friday Favourites

I’m meant to be wrapping Christmas presents so they make the last self imposed post day in 2 days, rewriting Christmas cards address so the post office can actually read them or until I run out of envelopes or my hand cramps up after 5.

The more I have to write, the worst my handwriting get. I seriously can’t believe how I used to handwrite all my essays at high school. Yes, I can. I had to. Instead I’ve been watching Youtube, tackling the pile of KonMari Method papers that no matter how many folders I’ve sorted already the pile never appears to go down. And last minute christmas shopping before the last self imposed post day. I keep avoiding the wrapping and writing. I always do it at the last minute with the last self imposed post day extended by a few days and send luck they get there in time.

Anyways, Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have been making me smile with week or have caught my eye.

Seal Yawning, Barcelona ZooSeal yawn, Barcelona Zoo

Most of the animals are in their night enclosures by the time I make the gates just before they close. With 30 minutes before the grounds close, these guys are one of the few still up.

HM Reindeer Cat JumperHM Christmas reindeer cat jumper

I received a penguin jumper one year that I lived in (I was about 8/9) but I don’t think I’ve ever had a Christmas jumper. My mum used to knit Christmas inspired jumpers for my Dad, Brother and ex brother in law as she probably didn’t know what to get them. This year I have my very first Christmas jumper! Please excuse the bad lighting, long face, hair that gets cut next week changing room selfie. Cat with reindeer antlers, I couldn’t pass up!

Sephora Color Wishes Gift SetSephora Color Wishes

I’m sure I’m not the only one who buys themselves a gift set! The palettes have just enough shadow to experiment with, without spending a small fortune and having a full sized pot you don’t like or use. I love that they come with shadow combination guide for each palette. I’ve only used Be A Role Model so far and love it’s subtle shimmer (If you have oily skin like me an eyeshadow primer will make it last longer. Oily skin eats eyeshadow!)! They make a great gift to any makeup junkie.

Sephora Color Wishes

Tiger Stores Reindeer Napkins

Tiger Stores Reindeer Napkins

No tree, but I have Christmas napkins! I have a thing for reindeer decorations and at €1 these were leaving the shop with me!

Missha Barcelona

Missha Barcelona

Exploring a side street just off the posh end of Passeig de Gracia, I found another Korean Cosmetic shop! I got a little excited and couldn’t believe the prices. Cheaper than Sephora own brand, which makes you think of how much mark up there is. Though some Missha products have parabens in, they don’t test on animals, so I’ll be back. I’ve kinda placed an self imposed ban on buying any more skincare, make up and clothes until after the sales. But that might not include their eye fibre masks when they’re back in stock. Just saying.

Wednesday’s Run View

Run View BCN

Sunset Friday Barcelona Zoo

Sunset Barcelona Zoo

Internet Finds

The Late Late Show with James Corbin, Crying lessons with Anna Faris and Joshua Jackson

Donkey rescued from UK floods

Star Wars The Force Awakens BB-8 smashed on set (my Christmas movie! Cinemas are open here Christmas day and I’m hoping there’s still tickets available!)

Ducks rescued from a hoarder first encounter ever with water

Hotel California. Cabanos Acapella Whoa!

What’s been making you smile this week! Have a great week!


  1. says:

    Yes that sweater is all you Nat! 🙂

    1. says:

      🙂 I think so too!

  2. says:

    Very festive cat ensemble and very you :)! I am finishing work this week for xmas so I am smiling more as we speak!! I have a dilemma of what to buy a friend for xmas, not long to get it sorted out, I’ll look for something fun! Are the boys better now? Xxxx

    1. says:

      Lucky you having Christmas week off! I always liked working Christmas week in London as the place was quiet and we got to leave early nearly everyday! I didn’t like the working though the week between Christmas and the New Year. Back to full hours and the place was dead!

      The boys are on medicine for the long term 🙁 And I think chicken. I’m getting a little tired cooking it and shopping for it, but if the vet says it’s all they can have with a little bit of crunch, then it’s all they can have xoxo

  3. says:

    I am loving the sweater selection at H & M lately. I love your cat!

    1. says:

      They have a great selection this year and the best bit is you can actually wear them outside the safety and judgment free zone of your home!

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