The current phase of my KonMari Method tidying up decluttering is tedious. Papers. Everything paper that’s not a book or sentimental papers, though I’d like them to be included. I’m eager to move onto the stages, but this stage can’t be skipped. The decluttering’s done in a certain order. It’s tedious because there’s so much. Print outs, workout tear outs, old study guides etc. I’m pretty sure the paper shredder will overheat (maybe that’s what’s making it tedious, time spent shredding!). Paper expands when it’s not compacted in a folder almost like it’s happy not to be confined. And it has a smell. Smell that the paper hasn’t been looked at for months. It’s tedious yet decluttering is liberating!

I feel like I need to apologise again for my lack of posts recently. It’s not I haven’t had posts planned, or the words ready. Time’s been taken up decluttering, Christmas shopping and fighting evening naps. I’m getting better, identifying triggers. I don’t need to apologise, I just need to work it out.

The cats were back at the vets this week. Aj’s medicine’s changing as the Vet isn’t happy how his current treatment’s going. To me he’s more social and getting his personality back. He’s still not playing much with his brother or me (not that he’s been a cat to play much with humans for a few years. He looks at me, like, oh you wanna play now. No!). D’s treatment’s working and is back for a check up in 3 months. The Vet’s allowed crunch/kibble back into their diet, but chicken is still on the menu. They get through about 2 breasts a day and I swear the supermarket expecting me to be shredded come summer.AJ and sunshineDiesel and Sunshine

Eixample Esquerra or Eixample Left and Hospital Clinic near the vets
Hospital Clinic, BarcelonaHospital Clinic Barcelona

Who knows I might be. Saturday I did the Spartan Race SGX Fitness Test. As many burpees (Crossfit style) as possible in 5 minutes. I’m ‘healthy’ for my age group! 13 more and I’m Spartan fit. But I want to be Spartan Fit for my age group below. 80 in 5 minutes. Ha ha, a challenge even for me. Sunday running I stopped off on the monkey bars and bars on the way back. Muscles ups on the bar shoulder height I felt confident on. No flaying legs, so I took them up the next bar up, just a little higher than me. Erm, Perhaps I was too confident. I could just get my left elbow pulling me up over the bar even with a jump start before my body shouted WFT now. Can’t do this with me shouting back silently I can! I can feel the movement, I can visualise it, the forward rolls, flips, twists on the bar. Why won’t you lift me! Luckily only a few passerbys, but that’s not counting those having a giggle from their windows.

Sunday Run viewSunday run view

Weekend bike rides. View from W hotel.Night view W Barcelona

Sunset boating lake, Parc CiutadellaSunset, boating lake, Parc Ciutadella

Alleyway, El BorneAlleyway, El Borne Barcelona

That pile of papersKonMari Method.

I’m still looking after running costume for the Buff Epic obstacle run coming in just over a week. I’ve checked out a few party shops here but most of the adult costumes are kinda tacky. I’m thinking now Avengers Black Widow (confession, I haven’t seen the movie). It’s playing it safe and I can run in it. I’ve only got few day left to decide!

What’s your fitness nemesis? Mine are pull ups, muscles ups and reverse plank single leg dips. Those dips, maybe my hamstrings are too tight for them, but I can never have a beautifully straight legs without some pain. 





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    Thanks for reminding me that I need to shred all my old bills from 5 years ago.
    I love the lights at El Borne.

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