Weekend Friday Favourites

I knew it was coming up, I just hadn’t made the connection it was this month, I’m running the Buff obstacle race until they sent an email reminder. It’s an untimed race around Montjuic with fancy dress encouraged! I wasn’t going to dress up, but I kinda want to dress up, so any ideas are welcome! There’s mud involved but not the degree Spartan. It’ll be cold, so the has to be adaptable for leggings and a long sleeved top. I was thinking either Super Girl, Wonder Woman in leggings or a mermaid, but they’ve been overdone. Maybe Zena the Warrior Princess! Nothing too OTT, something I can run in and feel comfortable without drawing too much attention. That’s not too much to ask for is it?!

Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have been making me smile this week or caught my eye. It’s meant to be a Friday thing, but hey.

Hot Water BottleHot Water Bottle

Say what you like, cold sheets when it’s cold, brrr! There’s nothing like jumping in bed knowing there’s a hot water bottle in there when it’s cold. They’re something of a novelty in Spain, only found in Natura, which I don’t get as it gets cold here. In the UK and France they’re an essential winter item and come in an array of cute covers. I haven’t been able to sleep very well recently, which I put partly down to being too cold despite new fluffy pjs. A hot water bottle’s helped.

Oysho PJ’s Oysho shiny hearts pants

There’s something about fleecy pj’s when it’s cold. I wasn’t sleeping too well, which like with the hot water bottle I put down partly being too cold in my thinner cotton pjs. If I can I go for tapered leg winter pj’s to avoid capri pjs, like when you’re getting comfy, a trouser leg rides, you try to pull it down with the other foot, then that leg rides up and end up you with shorts. Pink here, grey hereOysho animal camping pants

Lemur Barcelona ZooLemur Barcelona Zoo

These guys are the ultimate tag players! They love to propel and rebound themselves off the enclosure window dividers or pause, be on the lookout for someone or something outside before play’s to tempting.

KonMari MethodKonMari method

I’ve graduated to next phase! My bookshelves can breathe finally. I thought last year moving I sorted and threw out a lot!

Carrie Underwood and James Corden

I know that Carrie Underwood’s big in country music. So’s Dolly Parton and that’s the extent of my country music knowledge. I do like watching James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke and this one had me giggling. I swear he’s the same presenting as he was playing Smithy in Gavin and Stacey.

Christmas LightsEl Corte Ingles Christmas lights, Barcelona

They’re on! And the same as last year. El Corte Ingles are always the exception. Their’s are musical FIY.

Shape Magazine September 2105 Single Leg ExtensionShape Magazine Sept 2015, Single leg Extension

These look easy, but they’re not! I felt the burn after 8/7 and they also target the lower back as well as legs, bum and abs.

AJ and DDiesel and his blanky

Still both on chicken! Both are back at the vets next week for check up and I’m hoping it’s back to kibble/crunch with the occasional chicken. I’m not sure if Diesel’s medicine is working as he’s had a few thyroid meows sessions, but he’s definitely been a lot calmer. Still answers back, but isn’t as aggressive. Aj I think has put on weight, so I’m hoping his medicine’s working! This winter he’s not snuggling up under the duvet, a blanket or in one of their beds, like he usually does. He’s still preferring to sleep under the cat tree, on a blanket or on his winter sunbathing pillow. Diesel, he’ll take being tucked up in a blanket any cold day!AJ and sunshine

Internet Finds

Puppy rescued after boiling water attack

Saving the worlds rarest ape Hainan gibbons in China

Surprising things you never know about your cat

Dr Neil De Grasse Tyson. Can an opera singer shatter glass

The struggle and strain of mining devils gold, aka sulfur. I never knew it was used to make so many products or where it was sourced from

Bird stores 10,000 maps in its head

Prince Harry on poaching in Kruger

Whats been making you smile this week? If you ran a fancy dress run, who or what would you dress up as?! Have a great weekend!



  1. says:

    PS. Poor gibbons 🙁 I don’t think any wild animal can survive in China, unless it is considered a national mascot like the panda…

    1. says:

      I know!

  2. says:

    Hot water bags are a winter essential here too! I don’t think they’re a novelty in Spain though, more like something a grandma would use… so I’m sure they are sold in “grandma shops”! (maybe even in pharmacies! My grandma got me 2 a few years ago, not sure where she bought them…).

    1. says:

      I think your Grandma must have got them from Natura. I’ve never seen them in pharmacies or supermarkets here! And I don’t venture into Grandma shops 🙂

  3. says:

    I’ll have to try and think of a costume for your race.
    Your cat looks so cozy under his blanket.

    1. says:

      He loves blankets. There isn’t one that isn’t his or that he hasn’t had his paws all over.
      Ideas very welcome! Time’s running out and I haven’t got a clue!

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