Buff Epic Run 2016

You know when you ask for something and occasionally The Universe responds, it wasn’t listening 100%? I think I remember asking for a day of nothing. Nothing as in no chores, no Youtube or lost in internet yet a day to get blog stuff done, catch up on sites I want to read, no grocery shopping, hang out a little the cats, get to the gym early. Well the universe heard and as my Mother forever says careful what you wish for.img_6367

It started Tuesday evening the feelingmy tummy doesn’t feel right. Long story short I spent all day in Wednesday in bed in between throwing up. I felt a little sorry for the post lady who delivering parcels. One to sign for one and I could just just stand up. Asking if I was okay, I replied no, I’m about to throw up. Poor lady, she couldn’t get away fast enough but kept messing up my id number as I kept getting confused as she repeated it back. The cats looked after me and yesterday I was feeling 80% better, however my back was so sore from doing nothing but move from the bed to the bathroom to the yoga mat to lie on to the sofa in various repeat cycles. I had a physio appointment that took a week to book up and decided I’d kept my breakfast down I was okay to go. More than anything it was nice to be around people. Today I’m feeling more or less back to normal, my appetite’s slowly coming back and P was back Thursday so I can put in dinner requests.

Anyways, this past Saturday I participated in the annual Buff Epic Run, an 8km untimed fun trail obstacle run around Montjuic. Nothing like Spartan and costume’s encouraged. There were some amazing costumes, some guys dressed up as Kiss members, divers, astronauts, hazmat clean up crews, policemen, lots of Santas. This year I went as Lady Gaga, Joanne. I found a pinkish hat in Forever21 and a cheap bomber jacket from Lefties I ‘rhinestoned’ out with metallic marker pens (so maybe Dolly Parton instead). I considered a cheap faux leather moto jacket but decided they’d be too hot and awkward to in. The bomber jacket was actually surprisingly easy to run in and as it was a kinda chilly morning I was grateful for it and gloves (first time running in them this season). I’d threaded some rope through the hat so I could sling it over my back running and it was sweet to hear the little kids near the end cheering on the vaquera! Dontcha know anything, Lady Gaga! I’ve love to run the trails around Montjuic more often however it’s a 10km bike ride just to get there and I’m not sure how much we were running is open to the public.

Montjuic walking back to my bike afterwards.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALady Gaga Joanneish. I wanted to for high drama eyeliner except my eyelids were so puffy my usual kitten flick wouldn’t even go right. Plus there was that thing called time.img_6469Walkng back to my bike through Placa d’Europa and the Olympic Stadium.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATelefonica tower with it’s base a nod to Gaudi. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was drawn to the chandeliers OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI found a magical little park nestled in-between the Olympic stadium and the Olympic pool.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The evening before I picked up my race pack or box this year which contained free Buff, some wine, soup and some yummy spicy rice crackers. I think this year they were trying to be more green with boxes, but the box was way too big for the goodies inside. Just saying. Cycling back I got caught out in the rain only to get back to find no running water. I asked a neighbour and the whole building was out as one of the lower floors had an incident. If they couldn’t fix it that evening it’d would be the next day, which got me thinking how people cope without running water (Allepo), how I’m going to wash the smell of chicken off my hands after giving the cats theirs and then removing the smell of hand sanitiser as that’s all there is to remove the smell to I’m gonna to have to use dry shampoo for the first time. Thankfully around midnight they’d fixed it. The rest of the week was as exciting as my day spent ill. Sunday catching up from Saturday, I missed the zoo with Monday and Tuesday getting caught out again in the rain with some great workouts. Anyways, Happy Holidays!

Walking to collect the race pack by the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunyaimg_6358The magic fountain img_6382img_6384Cycling in img_6387The sea beginning of the week img_6508What’s your last organised run of the year?


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  3. says:

    What a rough time you have had Natalie. I am so glad you got feeling better in time for this race. Your costume was awesome. 🙂

    And the swag is really cool. Love the creativity you get in some of those swag bags.

    Hoping the rest of 2016 turns out better for you. All the best in 2017! 🙂


    1. says:

      Thank you! I’m feeling better and appetite’s back 🙂
      The goodies/swag/race bags are cool here. Usually contain a race t-shirt, food, vouchers and beer 🙂
      Hoping 2017’s a great year for you too!

      1. says:

        Thank you so much! 🙂

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  4. says:

    Love the pic(s) Nat. This month I got a promotion at work but I was told I needed to do both jobs, old and new till they hired a replacement. Add to that a person taking holiday this week and next so that’s three hats I have to wear. So if you have any down days I could use some help! ( all the gifts are wrapped) Wishing you a great and memorable Holiday! And that you are feeling better.. Now I NEED a holiday run to run all the sugar in the house off….

    1. says:

      Congratulations on your promotion!
      I’d be happy to except there’s thing called visas.
      Thank you, I’m feeling better and back to running and working out. Appetite’s coming back which is a good thing as although we don’t have a huge meal, I’ve requested roasted potatoes. They’re always filling as I usually go back for seconds with them!

      1. says:

        How about a Passport? Plus I need a good Personal Trainer too after this holiday… Potato’s? No ice cream? No pie? Sliced ham? Girl you guys better get over here quick! We have room. 🙂

      2. says:

        Ha Ha!
        No ice cream or sliced ham, we only eat plants! Potatoes yes! Hope you had a great day!

      3. says:

        Well that doesnt sound very festive 🙂 if that is what you eat all year round. Did you at least try some Maple syrup on your veggies? Or egg nog?

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