January Seas

I don’t even want to think of the amount of photos I’ve taken this month. Current photo stream says 1205 and that just my phone. That’s not including my camera! Snap happy’s an understatement!

Most of them are of the sea. I’ve been lucky enough of the last 10 years to have the Mediterranean Sea right on my doorstep and I can’t imagine now ever living far from the sea. I see her everyday, I cycle along the beaches nearly everyday. That equals a lot of photos! I’m also one of those annoying people who finds the sea beautiful all year round, even when she’s having a bad day. I take few photos of the sea during the summers months as I prefer to take them when there’s few people around (and where are these hundreds of beach goers in the winter? It’s still there!) and let her be the focus.

Anyways, I think most of my readers prefer my photos, so I’ve rounded up a selection of this months sea views. Enjoy!

Playa de la Nova Mar Bella. Day after the first winter storm.playa de la nova mar bellaPlaya de la Nova Mar Bella

1st sunrise 20151st sunrise 2015Playa de la Mar Bellaplaya de la mar bellaplaya de la mar bellaplaya de la mar bellaplaya de la mar bellaPlaya de Sant Sebastian, Barceloneta. This is beach is heavily packed with tourists in the summer! Playa de Sant Sebastian Playa de Sant Sebastian Playa de Sant Sebastian Playa de Sant Sebastian OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPlaya de Sant Sebastián

Port Vell, Barceloneta

Port VellPlaya del BogatellPlaya del BogatellPlaya de Bogatell


8 thoughts on “January Seas

    1. Thank you! I can completely understand wanting to spend more time with the Brazilian part of the Atlantic Ocean. There’s something that pulls us to water. I think we find answers there whether we like them or not and it just makes us feel good. I bet the beaches in Brazil are like no other! One day I’ll visit them!

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