Weekend Friday Favourites

January is the month that drags, but this month has flown by. I’ve only just received my business cards, which I said when I receive them, is my starting point for looking for fitness clients. I’ve missed the January gym rush, so February I’ve got my work cut out. What looks easy on paper, isn’t always as easy when you take it off the paper. You gotta walk the talk and as well as talk the talk. And have a huge amount of self belief to keep going out and looking for them. I’ll contest, March drags on and if you want something badly, you’ll find away.

Anyways, Weekend Friday Favourites and Friday Run vista. About 7.5km along the beaches and as it’s Friday, stadium x 3. I’ve finally downloaded ready for Sunday a new running tracking app to try. Nike and I have issues, so I’m trying out mapmyrun by Under Armour. Since the beginning of December last year, I’ve been judging my distances by my usual turn around markers, so my kilometres haven’t been so accurate.Friday run view

Weekend Friday Favourites

Fackelmann Lemon SqueezerFacklemann Lemon squeezer

Okay, I was a sucker. I saw Jessica Alba use this on an Instagram video and I wanted one. I was surprised I found in Carrefour and it’s so easy to use. Cut a slice of lemon, place in narrow side down, squeeze and no more pips to dig out of salads or stinging cuts.

Alterna Bamboo Abundant Volume Shampoo and ConditionerAlterna Bamboo volume and shine

I been using the shampoo for a while with another conditioner and noticed a difference, but it wasn’t until last week I paired both the shampoo and conditioner that I really noticed a difference. My fine hair is unruly, get weighed down easily with too much product and can look tired easily. Since I’ve used both, it’s got volume, doesn’t feel weighed down and looks healthy. The Brilliance cream is the final touch for non weighed down shine. The only con is the price, but that’s what Sephora 20% discount days are for! Added bonus you don’t have to use much of either for hair to feel clean or conditioned.

Aj and D

The reason why it’s Weekend Friday Favourites and not Friday Favourites. Weighed down by cats and can’t move!

Friday night with Aj and DMr DMr AJ

Gorjana Sage Gold CuffGorjana Sage Gold Cuff

I love Gorjana jewellery. They have some really timeless modern pieces that just seem to go with everything and talk my language. The only downside is that they’re usually out my price range, so I wait until their sales with fingers cross the pieces I’ve been coveting are on sale. Did I mention they have fantastic sales? I picked up this cuff with 80% off, $100 to $20 plus shipping!

Wednesday Sunset, Cuitat VellaSunset cuitat vella

The sun sets around 18.15 and doesn’t get dark dark until about 6.30pm! Spring and Summer’s coming!

Asics ZaracaAsics Zaraca

These are now my second pair of Zaraca’s gym/workout trainers and I’m still in love with them. Plus being black they’ll still look good in a few months time. I find it’s hard to find dark coloured womens trainers. Lighter coloured trainers and me don’t get on.

Tigers Are On the Rise

WWF reported this week that the Indian tiger population is on the rise: 1411 individuals in 2006 to 2226 individuals in 2014! 30% increase! Half the worlds tiger population is in India so this is fantastic news. Conservation is working, but there’s still a lot more work needed as poaching is their number 1 threat.

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great weekend!


  1. I am smiling because it is the weekend Natalie! 🙂
    A VERY wild and crazy week at work with inventory. So glad it is finished…for another year anyways!
    So excited for you for your personal training. Hoping it really works out great for you!
    Thanks for sharing about the tigers on the rise. Great news! 🙂
    Have a great weekend too! 🙂

    1. says:

      I hoping it works out too! It’s been far too long getting it going!

      Hope you had a great weekend!

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