Apple, The Weekend, The Usual

I almost convinced that all Apple products have an expiry date of 3 years from purchase. They start to play up, then you discover that the model is almost obsolite. Kudos Apple. Throw in the internet not behaving and no matter how many times you reset it, restart iPads and macs, your patience is tested. Your kinda embarrassed if anyone heard you with the triad of curse words coming out while you for the umpf time reset/refresh. Especially 40 minutes into Yogaglo classes, where it’s become the norm when you’ve just got to what the whole class you’ve been working towards, legs here, arms there, it stops. No amount of play/pause gets it going. A 60 minute class becomes 75 minutes, a 30 minute class, 40 minutes while I wait and try several times for it refresh, reload, forward to where I was, then play it out while it stops/starts again. Again a triad of non yoga talk, which isn’t what I’m meant to be taking away from yoga apart from the awareness of my of words and reaction. The whole time the internet is laughing, ‘Terminator’s the future Baby!’.

Anyways, I hope you had a great weekend! Another low key, but productive one. Chores and gym Saturday. A tough workout which had me wondering the 2 and 3 circuit, why? I think I was tired which make it seem harder than it was. Normally working out I can push through tiredness and face it later but I defiantly felt a little more sluggish than normal.

Cycling back the sky was amazing. It’s been windy the past few weekends, coming from inland bring cold to the bone wind. The surfers are happy, which I can’t workout as it’s coming from inland. I’m sure the explanation it logical. A massive cloud pushed it’s way across the sea, just as dusk was starting and the way the light hit was amazing. When the light faded, it was just another normal cloud.

30.1.15 Barceloneta30.1.15 Barceloneta SurfersBarceloneta 30.1.15

I also got to try out my new shopping trick. Get there a 2 or 1 1/2 hours before closing, run around and get home as the shops shut. That way I’m not aimlessly looking at stuff tempted to get something I don’t need! 9/10 times it works!

Sunday, still windy made interested running. I also finally downloaded a new running app, MapMyRun by Under Armour. I’ve had issues with Nike last year after many years with them and for the past 2 months have been guessing my distances. Going I had a tail wind which felt like I was flying. Coming back, head wind and rain the last 3km. Beautiful sunny skies up until that point! And just as I got back, sunny skies again! As for MapMyRun, I like it. My 14km is actually nearer 15km, so I was happy to see my 14km time. I’m a little quicker than I thought even with the wind. I used my stopwatch for comparison and saying the wind each way cancelled each other out! It’s only been one run, but already I prefer MapMyRun to Nike as it’s easier to use. No fussing around where the music is coming from, n stopping the run 10 minute in for no reason. I can also select what type of run, bike ride, workout or activity I’m doing, something Nike+ doesn’t offer. Garmin and Polar’s I know are more accurate, but in Europe they’re still quite expensive. I’d rather pay that type of money towards new running trainers.

Can you believe it rained 20 minutes later?IMG_2959 IMG_2954

The rest of the day, cookie bake off, sorting out the spare room/office more. I still can’t believe how stuff we acclimate in such short time! I try to keep on top of it, so it doesn’t snowball one day and bury me under it. I try but then Sundays are for mini Netflix marathons too. Just saying.

Hope you had a great weekend! Do internet hissy fits, turn you into some kind of person you’d be ashamed to be if anyone saw you? Do you think artificial intelligence will be the end of humans, or will that be humans ourselves? 



  1. Love those colours in the ominous clouds Natalie. Stunningly beautiful!
    I do sometimes get frustrated with the internet. Living where I live, high speed wireless is not available, and the connection speed we have, leaves much to be desired.
    The hardest part, if it is a peak time of day, I might go on-line and can load up my e-mails, and might see someone has kindly commented on a post of mine. I then log onto my WordPress, type out a reply, and then click “reply”. If it is a peak time of day, the message will “error out” and not send. Sometimes I’ll end up replying to messages in the middle of the night, when internet speed is faster, but I lose sleep. But my blogging friends like yourself Natalie are very important to me. 🙂

    1. says:

      Thank you!
      The internet does work better at night, but sometimes it’s just as bad and this is fibre optic we’re talking about! I still think Apple has a build in 3 year expiry date!

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