I had one of those Aha moments this weekend. Okay more of a duh moment!

Friday I ran for the first time in a long time hills and steps on my old 10km route. It’s taken a while to work up to having the mental and physical strength after having a close shave with my achilles in late August. They weren’t long hills, more short, steep and sweet. For a few weeks I’ve been biking up them without any issues, so decided to go for it. I felt them later in the bum, lower back and hamstrings, in a good way! I knew I’d worked them!IMG_0799

I’ve been periodising my workouts since I got the go ahead to train again. I started very basic and as the weeks progressed the moves got more complex to how I was pre injury (with more awareness). Now I feel almost 100%, I can set new goals rather than get back to ‘feeling me’. There’s one running route I haven’t ran since August that has quite a few hills that I really want to run and the park’s calling to be ran around. New goal: build strength for hills along with increasing speed. Training for this will be fun: drills, circuits and easing back to hills working the glutes, hamstrings. The feeling of run I ran these hills will be worth it!

Cap D’Antibes. Great for running hills.

My aha moment came after Sunday’s run looking at my posture side on. The new podiatrist mentioned my hips don’t ‘move’ and I lean forward. I didn’t really think much of it at the time as it has been a crazy week. Looking side on I could see it. Self diagnosis suggests lordosis (I need to speak up more in visits and it may help explain tummy issues). Exercises to help correct this tie in nicely with my new goals of running hills and speed work. AHA! Leaning forward I can help correct along with insoles, the podiatrist and osteopath. I just have to remember that all the training in the world won’t make any different if I don’t follow through outside of the gym! I have to remember not to slouch sitting, roll my shoulders back, be more aware of my posture and surroundings. Probably rushing around and bad habits got me where I am. New ones will help me get out of it!

Sundays run. So good to be off road again!IMG_1843Looking forward to running and biking through the park again!IMG_0140

In-between the aha moments, we went to Decathlon to look for trainers. My home gym expanded when I left with a 6kg kettle bell, 5kg medicine ball, padded bike seat, pulsing bike lights and suspension straps. New toys for new goals! The suspension straps though will have to go back. I don’t think they’re going to take the workload! Sometimes you need the real deal!

Hmm…kettle bell…clean, push press, squat….
IMG_1819 IMG_1815

What’s your fitness goals for the next few months? Any recommendations on suspension straps welcome!


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