A Flamingo and a Cat

I wanted to be anywhere but where I was this morning. I went to bed last night overtired and couldn’t sleep. It was too cold for just a sheet and too warm for a duvet. When I did wake up this morning I was so tired tears came and all the why’s afterwards! Sometimes I feel there’s so much pressure to have it all together, and not enough hours in the day.

I’ve been rearranging my days this week to fit in studying. My books arrived yesterday and while I’ve been doing refresher study, I panicked if I’m to study the course in time along with everything else. I seriously don’t know how Mums do it and if you’re a working Mum you deserve triple gold stars! I often see a motivational thingy which isn’t so motivational when you think about it: ‘You have as many hours in the day as Beyonce’. Yes I do, but does she fit in that day, cleaning, washing, cooking, shopping (grocery, not clothes), errands and being your own transport, because if she did she’d really would be a superstar.

I love writing, but I’ll be the first to admit recently, it hasn’t come easily. I find it gets pushed to the end of the day when I’m tired and the words that were earlier have gone. There’s not a week goes by when I say, that’s it! Last post ever! Finding new writing material at times is difficult. Sounding like a drone is’t easy! I read blogs, I think what’s their secret? Words written aren’t how they are in your mind. Soemtimes so many thoughts fly by, I forget them before I write them. Maybe I should write less often, but I enjoy it, so I don’t.

After my tears had stopped, I’d told myself not to give up and by the time I’d done my first circuit working out this morning, I felt grounded and more in control. Never underestimate sweat. It’s your own personal supply of salt water and salt water cures everything. Well, endorphins play a bigger part and tears don’t count as they leave me drained, not energised, but you get the idea. Running, workouts, cycling, walking, yoga, being outdoors, help me sort out tangled thoughts, do to lists, feel strong, bring things back into perspective. October more than any month has the feeling of change in the air. I know what needs to be done: just do it! Schedule better and in the words of The Rock ‘FOCUS!’!

Tomorrow I find out more about the course from my tutor and the real studying begins. So I took the afternoon off, sneaked off the beach as it was warm enough and then took a trip to the zoo. It’s one of the very few places in the city that’s quiet if you don’t count the parrots squawking. And where else am I going to see a cat and flamingo side by side?IMG_7313

How do you deal with over tiredness? Do you find exercise helps? What’s your number 1 scheduling tip?




  1. Don’t give up writing Natalie, you are doing a great job. You were one of my 1st followers, (THANK YOU) 🙂 it has and will always mean a lot to me
    Writing is difficult, and I think the same of other writers “what’s their secret?”
    With your question regarding over tiredness, sometimes for me, there are times the only thing that will work is a power nap. Like today, I finished work, went to the grocery store for groceries, then back at the car I slept for 30 minutes, before hitting the road. I am also fortunate, I can get to sleep pretty well anywhere. Fortunately I had 30 minutes today, not always do I have that luxury.
    Exercise is way up there as well, mostly in running and cycling. Nearly always feel invigorated after.
    Thanks for sharing from your heart. You will do well on your course.

    1. says:

      There’s me thinking you had quite few followers already when I followed! Your right, a power nap can reset the clock. I power nap/siesta more the in summer than winter and this week I haven’t been able to have my usual excuse to siesta at the beach as it’s been too chilly in the afternoons. I can defiantly notice the difference of not having them! Unfortunately I’m not like my Dad who can also sleep practically anywhere! He’s even been know to fall asleep during conversations (his reason, don’t be so boring!)!

      Thank you for your support and I hope you’ve had the courage to face that running app again!

      1. Hi Natalie,
        The # of my followers is quite misleading. I have it set up that my posts go automatically to my Facebook and Twitter, and all my Facebook “friends” and Twitter “followers” are included in that number of “followers” on my WordPress pages.
        Your comment got me curious,, so I looked up how many WordPress followers I have now, and it was 47 I appreciate so much each and every one of them!….that includes you! 🙂
        Boy, a nap on the beach sounds wonderful. The sound of the water would be very relaxing and soothing. I’d be “out” in no time. 🙂
        Went out running a 2nd time with the running app, I had trouble getting it to stop again, had a friend with me this though to stop it.
        I am assuming you have one yourself, you look around, and it seems like everyone has them. 🙂

  2. says:

    I often ask myself the same thing when I read other blogs. How do they come up with such great content so often? Nothing beats a good, solid early bedtime (I’m talking like 8:00am here) when I feel exhausted. Some days I also just forget about blogging, and do other things I enjoy. After the respite of a few days, I feel refreshed to write and publish again.
    I love reading your posts, so I hope you continue writing. You photography is beautiful too. You’re my Barcelona connection!

    1. says:

      I mean 8:00pm!

    2. says:

      8am sounds good! A break from writing is good every now and then. I like to have the weekends free of it, but that’s when I read everyone else’s. Can’t win! And thank you my Canada Connection! Here’s to many more posts to come (and early nights!)!

    3. says:

      And thank you my dear for your support!

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