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Yet another fine grey day on the Cote d’Azur!IMG_2711

It didn’t stop me running 7km in-between showers!

It took some ‘go get ’em girl’ mentality to get going. I’ve been recently losing confidence working out at home. Once I’m into them I’m okay. For the past 2 years up until a few months ago I had no worries. I’ve avoided recently talking about my ankle problems as I haven’t wanted to sound like a broken record. The Achillies is doing fine, however problems are arising from the inside of my ankle. I can deal with it, though getting a straight answer as to what’s wrong is hard! If I knew, I can work it out! When I feel it occasionally during my warm ups and in yoga. I have self doubt as to whether I should continue training at all or anyone else. I scale back, modify and get through my workout, but there’s always in the back of my mind, is this meant to be?

The osteopath says I’m fine to train, gave advice which I’m following, but it may have made it worse. Around other people I feel confident, that if something happens, they’ll help. It’s taking a lot of self belief I can do it and this is affecting other areas of my life. I don’t like it when self doubt creeps in. Some people are born and ooze confidence, can walk and talk it, some can just talk it and some like me have to work at it! It can only take one look, one wrong move or a comment to completely crush confidence. It amazes me how much confidence athletes have. They not only walk and talk it, but breath it. A gym isn’t an option at the moment as they’re too expensive in this area.

I was thinking the other day why I didn’t see a physiotherapist when I first got injured. I didn’t think of it at the time and neither did others. It would have helped recovery. I’ll find one to see if what I’m doing is right or not.

It’s been a quiet few days. I’ve picked up another English class, which is good news and have been having lots of fun with my Woss Suspension band. I haven’t felt my triceps in a loooong time! Just 3 sets of 10 basic tricep extensions and I winch lifting my arms the next day! Finally found a move that hits them hard! I’ve also logged for #100byVDay from cycling, running, walking and a few HIIT workouts.IMG_2690

Aj went back to the vets Thursday for what appears now his weekly visits and received some not so good news. His bottom eyelids will have to be operated as the medicine isn’t working. There’s been some improvement, but not as much as she would have liked. He has his op in February when the eye specialist vet gets back from holiday.IMG_2316

As for this little boy, It didn’t feel right to medicate him to help calm him down. Instead we’re playing with him more, which is slowly working. He’s an habitual cat so it’ll take work!IMG_2281

With Paul on watch Wednesday and the fridge running low, it was up to me to drive to the Carrefour hypermarche. This week I’ve driven quite a bit and am getting more confident driving on my own. It took a few journeys to get used the gear stick and steering wheel in the wrong place, driving on the other side and reading the road. I’m completely fine driving in the UK! France has taken a bit of getting used to. That’s another thing about confidence. The more you’re exposed to something, the better you’ll get at it and you confident you become.

Self believe for me is work in progress. After the rain must come sunshine right?IMG_2709

How do you maintain confidence when it gets dented? Do you have a saying that sets you up for the day? If so, I’d love to hear it!


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    Well done on facing the obstacles, glad to see they are getting easier, bit by bit. Sometimes I just try and think to myself, come on, move yourself, it will soon be done and you WILL feel better for it, I suppose I’m trying to say don’t think about it, just do it 🙂 x

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      That’s just what I did today after reading this! Thank you! I felt better after and didn’t stretch as deeply warming up. You’re right about feeling better afterwards even if it’s a so so workout!

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        Bless you Nat. It’s great to come out of it and know that you tried regardless, we can all have an off day here and there yet exercising for me, can really change my mindset! Here’s to us both xx

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