Summer Reads 2018

I mentioned that I’m getting back more into reading books, putting down my phone and iPad, switching NetFlix and YouTube for paper. I thought it would be fun to share with you my summer reading list! 

One I’ve already finished, two I’m half way though switching out depending on my mood. I should also mention I’m probably an author’s worst nightmare. Like I do with K Dramas or any TV show I’m into I read ahead on recaps. I do this with books too. It doesn’t matter if it’s books I’m Continue reading “Summer Reads 2018”

Snooze Shutter

I think I’ve been taking photos in my sleep. I was up in time for the sunrise the other day, went back to sleep and hit the snooze button a few times. Later uploading the photos, I found 140 or so blank photos taken in-between the sunrise and my workout. The only explanation I have is that when I hit snooze half asleep, I was actually pressing the shutter button numerous times instead! I don’t believe I pressed it 140 times though! My mac’s also been playing up, I got a puncture and Aj’s actually jumped up on my lap and stayed there a few times (he prefers to snuggle at my side). Strange things are happening. IMG_9510

Rare eventIMG_9186

More unpacking of boxes and checking out distances to a few gyms including my old one. It felt surreal to pull up outside. While working out at home is convenient, space is an issue and a gym’s a great way to meet and make friends. Barcelona’s got quite a wide choice of gyms in all prices ranges so I shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one that has most of the equipment I use and good class time table within my budget. I’d love to rejoin my old gym as for €41 you get a lot: indoor and outdoor swimming pools, gym, a wide range of classes and a massive terrace with access to the beach you can sit out on. The only downside is now it’s a 25-30 minute fast bike ride away. That’s an hour taken up even before working out!

Cycling’s easy in Barcelona, thanks to all the cycle paths. IMG_7400

I’m definitely noticing all the extra kilometres cycling. I’ve been tired more in the evenings and my legs have felt heavier running! In a few weeks my system should be used to the new demands it’s having to meet. Lots of yoga and foam rolling in the meantime to ease out the kinks! Definitely heavy legs running this morning. 2 coffees and my legs still weren’t coordinating. I was looking forward to the strong breeze going helping me on the way back. It didn’t. Don’t you just love it when that happens.IMG_9545Hill work and getting slightly *lost* and adding nearly an extra 2km, 8.7km run. IMG_9550

Do you prefer to workout at home or at a gym? What do you look for in a gym? Do you think gym’s are a good place to meet and make new friends?



Letting Go Is Never Easy

You don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone.

This weekend saw the start of goodbyes. At the end of this month we’re leaving France for Spain. It’s bitter sweet as I’ve looked forward to this day for a long time. France is without a doubt a beautiful country. For the past week, I’ve found myself looking at it with newly arrived wonder yet at the same time I find myself detaching from it. It’s beauty is the only thing that’s hard to let go!

Sunrise SaturdayIMG_8113

We’re moving back for 6 months at least to Barcelona. I need to feel energy again, we both need to. As much as we love the French countryside, for personal and work reasons we need a big change. It’ll be a shock going from a small sleepy town to a big bustling city. Just like it was the reverse moving here. Especially as this evening is unusually quiet outside and I like it!

Saturday I was up bright and breezy whipping out a HIIT strength combo circuit before taking AJ to the Vet. It was a good workout if I must say so and it looked something like this with an abs circuit afterwards.

Circuit 1: 3 sets, 10 reps or 30 seconds: squat jump touch downs (30 secs), kettle bell clean presses, 5x mountain climber and 5 x plank jack combo (30 secs), deadlift upright rows with a tricep kickback.

Circuit 2: 3 sets, 10 reps or 30 seconds: Resistance band squat to high pulls, spiderman press ups, burpees (30 secs), kettle bell lunge wood chops.

The Vet’s happy with AJ’s progress. He just wants the collar off to have a good scratch! Humans just don’t do it right. Next week for his check up he’ll have company as D get his vaccinations. That’ll be a fun car ride.IMG_8181

We miss timed the beach. As soon as we got there a big cloud came that blotted out the sun for the remainder of the day. We decided to chase it to a beach on the Cap d’Antibes but were too late. Instead we watched a storm across the bay in St Raphael.IMG_6781 IMG_6784 IMG_6793 Sunday means one thing, a trail run in the park. I’ll miss this place. For 2 years it’s been my sanctuary, walking, running or biking. Every time I’ve been I haven’t wanted to leave. Every time I’ve left refreshed and energised. Time just doesn’t matter there. It just is. IMG_8263 IMG_8284 I misjudged distance coming back and ended up doing 11.25km (very important the .25km!). It was a 1km increase that I definitely felt later. Post run ritual dictates coffee on the beach and that’s just what we did! My 2 favourite places in one day. I’m going to miss this place! IMG_8313


What’s your Sunday ritual? Do you find it hard to say goodbyes?


Lost In Time

There comes a point in every girls life when she realises she’s a different girl to the one a few years ago. Maybe that’s called growing up, priorities and circumstances change, becoming wiser, blah, blah. I say more stronger, sassier and can get by without the things she went la la for a few years ago! That’s me packing up the house and realising did I really need this?!

Recently, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Regardless of the time I get up, I pull virtual all nighters. I’ve no idea where times goes. I get a lot done, yet still feel at the end of the day I didn’t do all I set out to do. Between this house, looking, planning and packing for the next and visiting places for one last time, doesn’t leave much magazine reading time. I’ve just realised I’m only just starting to read magazines from January on my Zinio reader list. What happened?! Early morning appointments.

We dropped AJ off early yesterday morning for his eye operation to stop his lower eyelids from rolling in pushing his eye further into his skull. The poor boy looks like something from Prisilla the Queen of the Desert with his purple stitches. I had a tear when we picked him up. His brother knows something is up and keeps checking on him with nuzzles. He’s feeling perkier today and lapping up ear scratches. It’s hard not laugh at him navigating around with his Elizabethan collar. I’m a mean mum.

One priority that never changes is fitness. Regardless of how much time I have, I always fit a workout in. If I don’t get my daily workout fix, I’m one grumpy girl! Yesterday’s was a bit blah and todays more than made up for it. I felt energised and strong afterwards. Meals Sunday were all over the place and this had a knock on affect on my performance and mood the day after. Throw in not enough sleep and no wonder I began to loose umph.

Bike ride vistas Monday with Paul. France really is a beautiful country. IMG_6453 IMG_6423Bitter sweet smiling

Paul picked me up from work today and we looked around Cannes for probably the last time. I felt a little sad to be leaving such a beautiful country. The country side is especially beautiful, more than worth a visit. This girl however is ready for new adventures, a change of surroundings and a new routine. IMG_6464 IMG_6474 IMG_6478 IMG_6479 IMG_6495 IMG_6498IMG_6499

IMG_6503Do you have to get a daily workout fix? What’s one thing you can live without that you couldn’t a few years ago? I used to have to know all the latest showbiz. Now I don’t know who’s seeing who, who’s having a tiff and who’s smoking what! I do indulge every now and then. The difference is I don’t feel the need!









Lessons To Be Learnt

#1 Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it.

I’ve been saying I’d like an afternoon to just sit, read magazines and not rush around. I got what I asked for. After nearly falling flat on my face running downhill on the trails yesterday (I got distracted, okay), I didn’t listen to that inner voice today saying, Stop! Look at what you’re doing! Using dumbbells for ladder runs, I trip over sideways on one. Result: swollen foot, it would have to be the left and limping on both feet. Can I audition for the Walking Dead?!

This weekend was first of many firsts. There always seems to be a few days with each changing of the season that you actually feel the season. Saturday was the first day without the need of a coat, light jacket or radiators on. We had a fun afternoon in Nice. I completely forgot to look for sandals as I got distracted trying to find shorts appropriate for someone over 23. I’m not keen on the 90’s revival (think Beverly Hills 90210), especially those high waisted denim shorts. I felt old wandering the racks, but liberated I don’t feel the need to wear this trend as I did way back in 1995! It’s just as unflattering then as it is now! I’m grateful I wasn’t shopping with my Mother as I would have done in 1995. She would announce at the top of her voice ‘It’s all boring!’. Back then I wanted the ground to swallow me whole! Fortunately, classic styles are still out there for us chic ladies thanks to the internet!IMG_7075 IMG_7076

Best Micheal Jackson Thriller impression. Practising for today with my foot. Seriously, can’t take me anywhere!IMG_7092

Sunday was finally warm enough to wear shorts running! First time this year! The park was busy with picnickers, but as soon as we were on the trails it was quite. We ran together for a while and then ran our separate paths. Paul’s faster than me and as I wasn’t feeling it I’d have only slowed him down. I stuck mostly to the flats as I was tired and my calves were a little tight. If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have found new trails to explore. It was a slow 10km with birds, butterflies and lizards/geckos scamping across the path. Afterwards we stopped off at the beach with post run ritual coffees for the first beach siesta of the year!  The sun was so warm I didn’t want leave! We only did for hunger.IMG_7103IMG_7107IMG_7109This chica needs some sun!IMG_7121IMG_7132

This time of year is also the first of the last few weeks Paul and I have together before the yachting season starts in May. If I’m lucky I see him a few times before June and then again in late September/early October depending on the boat. Bitter Sweet. I’m happy I’ve got a few more weeks of him around to look after me while my foot gets better. He might want to the season to start now!

Do you get excited by the first of the seasons? What has been your most embarrassing injury?