Snooze Shutter

I think I’ve been taking photos in my sleep. I was up in time for the sunrise the other day, went back to sleep and hit the snooze button a few times. Later uploading the photos, I found 140 or so blank photos taken in-between the sunrise and my workout. The only explanation I have is that when I hit snooze half asleep, I was actually pressing the shutter button numerous times instead! I don’t believe I pressed it 140 times though! My mac’s also been playing up, I got a puncture and Aj’s actually jumped up on my lap and stayed there a few times (he prefers to snuggle at my side). Strange things are happening. IMG_9510

Rare eventIMG_9186

More unpacking of boxes and checking out distances to a few gyms including my old one. It felt surreal to pull up outside. While working out at home is convenient, space is an issue and a gym’s a great way to meet and make friends. Barcelona’s got quite a wide choice of gyms in all prices ranges so I shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one that has most of the equipment I use and good class time table within my budget. I’d love to rejoin my old gym as for €41 you get a lot: indoor and outdoor swimming pools, gym, a wide range of classes and a massive terrace with access to the beach you can sit out on. The only downside is now it’s a 25-30 minute fast bike ride away. That’s an hour taken up even before working out!

Cycling’s easy in Barcelona, thanks to all the cycle paths. IMG_7400

I’m definitely noticing all the extra kilometres cycling. I’ve been tired more in the evenings and my legs have felt heavier running! In a few weeks my system should be used to the new demands it’s having to meet. Lots of yoga and foam rolling in the meantime to ease out the kinks! Definitely heavy legs running this morning. 2 coffees and my legs still weren’t coordinating. I was looking forward to the strong breeze going helping me on the way back. It didn’t. Don’t you just love it when that happens.IMG_9545Hill work and getting slightly *lost* and adding nearly an extra 2km, 8.7km run. IMG_9550

Do you prefer to workout at home or at a gym? What do you look for in a gym? Do you think gym’s are a good place to meet and make new friends?



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