Happy Friday Happenings

I didn’t like my heavy legs again on todays run. I’m not yet accustomed to these daily 10-16km hilly bike rides or the time it takes to cycle them, when previously I was only cycling 6km daily! I don’t need to take spinning classes! Don’t get me wrong, I really do love my bike and I’d rather be cycling everywhere than catching public transport and walking. Just as long as it’s not tipping it down or hailing. Neither are fun, especially the hail that came out of nowhere with me sheltering a chiringuito (beach bar) one afternoon, huddled in a table cloth keeping warm along with everyone else doing the same. When it stopped, it was like it never happened. I had bruises for days!IMG_9604

Anyways, here are few things that have been making me smile this week.

My Em, Huyen.

Coffee in Antibes, then Barcelona! One day Hanoi!

She completely surprised me this week saying she was in Barcelona for 2 days with her husband who’s visiting her from Vietnam and would I like to meet up. She didn’t have to ask me twice! I haven’t had any girlie chats since our last coffee in France. I cried when I saw her and cried when we said our goodbyes. Maybe we’ll see each other before she heads back to Vietnam next year after she finishes her Masters. People come into our lives for a reason and this lady taught me having girlfriends to talk to is must. I miss her already.

Ascis Gel Nimbus 15.IMG_9076

I literally ran my last pair into the ground with 500km in 4 months. I had a trouble finding a pair that fitted until I did some research and found out those made in Indonesia are a size smaller than those made in Cambodia. It all made sense after that! I also got 30% off the retail price just for signing up for a free Forum Sport Club store card.

New plimsoles.IMG_9535

These Pull and Bear plimsoles are perfect for running errands and cycling all those kilometres and go with jeans, shorts or dresses. Plus they add an element of fun dressing up or down, jeans and a T.


The Australian site of this online greeting card site got me out of being a forgetful little sister in sending her brother a late birthday card to New Zealand. You choose what occasion, what design you want, write inside and they print it and send if off for you all for less than you buying the card and posting the card yourself.

AJ and DDIMG_9531

As always. They’re enjoying more space to run and play around in. At 5 in the morning. Everybody will be happy when we finally get a sofa cat bed. The two chairs we using instead of a sofa, are always taken up by one of them.

gypsetgoddess, Caitlin Turner

Her Instagram yoga videos are amazing. She makes inversions look so easy! I’m *incorporating* a few moves into my own practice and when I say incorporating, I meant beginner. I’d love to take a class with her!

2014 Bikini Series, Tone It UpTone-It-Up-BIKINI-SERIES-2014-karenakatrina

I’m participating what I can in this years Tone It Up’s bikini series. This year  they’ve upped the workouts and have got some good moves! Don’t be fooled by how easy some look! I’ve been incorporating quite a few moves in my own workouts. These two ladies have grown so much in 3 years and are a big source of motivation and inspiration to me. Their community on Instagram I especially love and all the Instagram tiufriends I’ve made along the way.

What’s been making you happy this week? Have a great weekend!




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    Ascis are truly the best!

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      Yes, they are!

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