Holiday Sparkle

It might look like Christmas, but it doesn’t feel like Christmas. This time around, there doesn’t seem to be much Christmas sparkle. The tree’s up, (why do we cut down a tree to bring it inside and decorate it? Hmm….google why do we….), Christmas lights are up brightening up the dark and the nights are now getting a little longer, so why no Christmas sparkle?!

A lonesome penguin at Antibes Christmas MarketIMG_1456

The origins are Christmas appear to be, celebrate the end of the harvest, not much going on and letting loose to get through the short days with Christianity mixed in. Well that’s what my why a Christmas tree google search said!

Maybe because it just doesn’t feel like Christmas in France. I’ve noticed that the Christmas markets are smaller this year and compared to the UK where Christmas started at the beginning of November it seems low key. Perhaps everywhere this year is feeling the pinch.

Saturday was one of those at home days. I had a good strength workout and got a few chores done, but it turned out to be a watch TV, catch up and relax days. The sun shone for a little while which made AJ happy!IMG_1435D was happy sleeping on the warm pipes. Underfloor heating is a cats must!IMG_1346Sunday my mojo returned with another road/off road 7km run. I’m much happier now that I’m running off road again. Next is adding back hills.IMG_1471Run, slow, pause, snap, run.IMG_1472I met with my friend for a one last single girl coffee before she goes to Vietnam to come back a married lady! We were too busy talking for photos.

The park followed a quick lunch. This time we remembered to take bread for the ducks. They weren’t having any of it! I’ve been craving fresh air, greenery and hearing birds for a while. I need my nature fix every now and then. I think we ended up walking 7km before speed walking back to the car before they closed the park. Cutting fine as we always do!

We popped into CAP3000 shopping mall afterwards for a coffee. I was surprised that there weren’t that many shoppers out. Even more surprising Father Christmas was no where to be seen!

It’s just as well that I’ve got my happy mojo song on. Pharrell does it again!

I hope your holidays are having some cheer! Do you get your mojo back with music?


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    gorgeous pictures though!

    1. says:

      Thank you! Sparkle returned passing a Santa running group!

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