Michelle Phan Make Up Your Guide to To Beauty Style Success Online and Off Review

I always get a little cheer in my step when I see the christmas lights going up. All over the city they’re beginning to put them up. Shops are starting to fill with Christmas decorations and there’s something comforting seeing them. Maybe it’s the dark early nights brightened by big baubles hanging in the street that makes them so appealing! It’s also my reminder to start Christmas shopping!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!IMG_9494

For those of you who have beauty, cosmetic and skin care fans to buy for I throughly recommend Michelle Phan’s new book Make Up Your Guide To Beauty Style and Success Online and Off.images

Anyone who just said ‘who?’, she’s a You Tube beauty (over 7 million followers) and livestyle entrepreneur guru, empowering ladies all over the globe using make up as a means for transformation and confidence building. She’s a big sister to many with her make up tutorials, beauty, fashion and lifestyle advice. She’s the fairy godmother I never had!

I’ve learnt a lot of beauty tricks from her video tutorials. She introduced me BB cream and brows. I never really bothered to fill in my brows until after seeing how a even a little filling in can transform a look completely. Even just a quick dab of taupe eyeshadow can pull a look together. I ordered the book through amazon.com not .co.uk as the overall cost including shipping was cheaper. Since I received it this week, I’ve already learnt finally how to apply eyeliner right into the lashes for a more natural look, something I’ve wanted to know how to for years and to condition eye lashes. Yes condition eye lashes, it’s not as crazy as seems! The book is filled with tips and tricks from basic skin care, cleaning brushes, contouring, hair care, dressing for success and the workplace, to modern manners, digital do and don’ts, finding a job you loving (and keeping it) to turning your passion into a profession. The target audience is primarily girls in their teens and early twenties, but there’s something for everyone one (conditioning eye lashes and how to start a business). There’s always new tricks to be learnt*!

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? Are the Christmas lights being put up where you are?

*One chapter she covers ideas for choosing the right business name. I’ve never really liked the names of my blog: The Adventures of Natjtan or Simply Natjtan and am always trying to come up with a new one. Any ideas are welcome!


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    I love her makeup tutorials they go from everyday makeup to spectacular “occasional” looks. I have to check out her book! I’m still waiting for Christmas lights in my neck of the woods, but with all the sales going on now I sure feel the festivity! 🙂 xo~ Lena

    1. says:

      I’ve learnt so much from her tutorials! The lights are just starting to go up, I think the first week of December they switch them on. As for sales, they don’t start here until 7th Jan after Kings Day as it’s the Kings here which bring presents, not Santa! In the meantime I’m enjoying seeing them go up!

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