A Long Weekend

A case of the Mondays today! I didn’t hear my alarm, overslept, spent all day cursing myself if I’d have got up at X time, I’d wouldn’t be chasing my tail and if I’d had just did the prep I was meant to do yesterday, I wouldn’t have 2 tails to chase. I did manage to find however the winter coat I’ve been searching for a month. It’s been hard this season to find one not filled with down. Something said look in Zara Kids and there it was (no, it’s not pink and sparkly, it’s plain black)! I always forget to check out the kids department. There are some great finds and prices if you look hard enough.

I’m happy I found it as this weekend I’m in the UK. The big weekend is here, my gym instructor practical and the temperature looks freezing! Well to me, I’ve been climatised to the Med. Hopefully by Sunday I’ll be finally in the eyes of the EU a certified Personal Trainer. A mix up of what qualifications I had and which course I had to do, meant I did the higher course first, but fingers crossed I pass!

Anyways, it’s been a long weekend of practicing deadlifts, cleans, teaching points and getting caught out downpours. Friday started with the usual speed run along the beaches and the stadium stairs 3 times, all 90 steps. For some reason sprinting up the stairs is easier than the sprinting on the flat (okay, maybe not after the 70th step!). Friday evening after drooling over most of Zara Home’s Christmas section cycling back I got caught out in downpour that came out of nowhere. No warning, it just chucked it down. Fortunately, I was near some arches and able to shelter until the worst eased up. I toyed with catching the Metro but decided I’d get just a wet cycling/walking there as I would cycling home. My jeans went from black to brown as there were so many puddles I gave up dodging them! A hot shower and warm dry clothes never felt so good!IMG_1427

Sunny skies Saturday and happy cats. They love nothing more than following the sun around cat napping. I did exactly the same minus the sun when I got back from the gym. Knackered only just started to describe how I felt! In addition my workouts the past week, I’ve been going over the machines and lifts afterwards. My body was feeling them and it just wanted sleep.

Refreshed Sunday and after a Yogaglo back bend flow (I’m trying out their 2 week free trial) I set out for a 12km run. 5km in I remembered that next Sunday I won’t be able to do a long run and made the decision to do 14km. Then I released that the 15km I’ve been wanting to do, will be put back a few weeks. I did 14km last week, so decided what the **** I’ll do 15km! My first 15km! Easier than I thought. Who know’s maybe I’ll do 21km. It’s only another 6km. Perhaps in the New Year. I have to get a better schedule together if I want to run longer distances. After today it needs a complete overhaul!

7.5km turnaround pointIMG_1444

Before the crazy of next weekend I wanted some peace and quite so we headed to the zoo for the afternoon. Dumb move on my part. It’s Sunday, it’s sunny, lots of humans out, not many animals out and I can’t turn down the volume! The park afterwards was quieter!

Reverse sunset Parc CuitadellaIMG_1717

Hope you had a good weekend! Are there any places you normally avoid going to on a certain day?  Do you know anyone that always has a case of the Mondays?


  1. says:

    Indeed my Mondays are hectic and I try to stay away from busy places though I work in the hub of the city so it’s highly unlikely lol! Well have a great one Natalie!! xo~ Lena

    1. says:

      Even in the hub of the city there are quiet places to find. Okay, quieter times! I always enjoy the early morning rush before the city wakes up!

  2. says:

    I usually have a case of the Mondays! Keep us posted on how the certification went.
    I love Zara. I got some really nice Tees there last summer.

    1. says:

      Zara is an institution in Spain!

      I’ll keep you updated!

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