Weekend Friday Favourites

Can someone please explain to me why people have to run in bike lanes. I get they want to have an uninterrupted run from dodging people, but bikes have to move out the way for them. There’s a pavement for running and unless you’re a top runner always setting from the start lane, surely dodging people is good practice for race day? Now it’s getting warm and and the days longer, I encountering more people running and more people running in bike lanes. Why? Bike lanes were created to remove tension from between pedestrians, cars and cyclists. And lets not get me started on runners who signal which way they want me to cycle past them so they can continue their uninterrupted straight line. Now that’s out my system, Weekend Friday Favourites!

First, Happy Birthday Mr AJ! 13 on Friday and I swear he purred the whole time eating his birthday tuna. I can’t believe he’s 13. I remember when he was about 6 weeks old and fitted in the palm of my hands. Now he’s a gentle giant who’ll give his bother as good as he gets and more. People don’t believe me when I say they’ve never drawn blood. They scrap, chase each other, wrestle on the bed, sofa but never drawn blood.

Happy Birthday Angelous! Happy Birthday AJ!

Friday Run ViewFridays Run View

I had fun on this 7km run. Friday runs I make Spartan Race prep. I run over more things, scale up walls, ‘sprint’ up stadium steps near one of the marinas, play in the kids playground if it’s free. There are some ‘adult’ playgrounds with monkey bars, pull up bar bars etc but they’re never free! I’ve found a wall leading down to one of the beaches that increases in height as you head towards the beach. I’m using it as my wall scaling practice! I’m gradually increasing the height scaling. Landing I’m getting better, but still have achilles fears from an old injury.

FableticsFabletics Loni

I’ve been waiting a looong time to try out Fabletics and now they’ve launched in Spain! So far I’m impressed with the Loni look and hoping it’ll they work out better then Lululemon. The brand’s cheaper and the quality seems on par if not better. However the real test will be after a few washes and wear. I’ll let you know how they go!

Fragonard The PerfumerFragonard

My soveniers from France last weekend! I mentioned here I like their soaps and their flower of the year 2015 is jasmine. Jasmine and lilac are my favourite scents so I had to take a trip to one of their shops! The soaps smell like evening jasmine after a long hot day. I also like their home department, hence the jasmine cup and decoration. They ship internationally!

Predator Cat ToyPredator Cat Toy

I feel guilty at times the boys are indoors all the time and don’t use their instincts to hunt enough. I place pieces of their crunch around the apartment but they know the places! So far Predator, a pretend mouse tail spinning around has been a hit. They don’t attack it much, but sit watching it spin and do it’s thing. I have a sneaking suspicion though Aj knows it’s a pretend mouse tail spinning around.

Diesel SunbathingDiesel Sunbathing

He’s been finding some really comfy places chasing the sun this week.

Single Leg box Jumps

These are great for building explosive strength. Single box jumps on the highest box jump at my gym I have no problem jumping on. Maybe because I run and jump over walls running. Regular box jumps at this height and the next height down I can’t (for now) do! I hesitate every time. Makes no sense!

Elephant Reunion

This makes me smile, people trekking 4 days to reunite a baby (11 years old) elephant with her Mum.

Cigarette Butt Park Bench

When I first read the title an image of a Lady Gaga’s sunglasses Telephone bench popped up. Who’d want to sit on that?! Nasty habit, but at least the filters are now being recycled and reused.

Longer Hotter DaysLonger Sunnier Days

The heat’s arrived earlier than usual this month. The sun now sets around 9pm which I love. I feel more productive in daylight hours than in the short winter days. But there’s still never enough time in the day!

What’s been making you smile this week? Runners in bike lanes, yes or no?


  1. says:

    Interesting, I’ve never seen a runner in a bike lane here in Sydney but I can imagine how frustrating it must be for you! Happy birthday to your lovely cat, he looks so cuddly 🙂 I loved reading about your week Nat x

    1. says:

      I think Aussies have more respect. Here people don’t always think.

      Mr Aj says thanks for birthday wishes! He is a snuggly cuddly cat when he’s in the mood!

    2. says:

      And just realised a fellow Nat! Hello!

  2. says:

    A huge no no! I don’t like roller bladers in them either. I always think overtaking them or passing them the other way, I’ll catch one of their legs as they fling them out. Some slow down, others don’t. I think people think bikes can’t do much damage if they crash into you. So wrong. I hate it when kids wander all over them or run across. If I hit them, it’s my fault. What gets me is some parents tell the kids off or say careful, bicis. Others don’t notice or don’t care!

  3. says:

    A huge no-no! I stay well clear from bike lanes because it can be dangerous. I’ve seen everyone from kids, runners, walkers and dogs on bike paths when there are clearly marked paths for all to use.

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