One Random Thought On A Possible Consequence Of Obesity

This week highlighted the increasing obesity in the UK and the denial that comes with it (second video). The blame I noticed was always passed on. Unless there’s a serious medical reason, condition, a gene that doesn’t know when you’re full, we let ourselves get in the situations we get into. Especially with food. I’ve battled food issues, I had to take control to get better. No one else was going to do it for me.

The article got me thinking about the recent news videos from CNN. What shocks me everytime I watch CNN is the size of America’s police force. Not everyone, and I’m sure there are other countries with extra large police, but aren’t they meant to chase after the bad guys? You’re entrusting them to protect you, catch the bad guys and they probably can’t run 20 metres? Maybe if they could chase after the bad guys, tackle them, pin them down, there’d be less shootings, but obviously police brutality might increase as they tackled someone etc. That’s just an example. I’d hate to be pinned down and tackled for no reason other than if I disobeyed the law. If you’re shot at, depending on the situation, you defend. The UK police force has the same problem, larger waist lines, but is unarmed and for now can chase the bad guys with very few shootings from the armed police units (that we hear about). The British armed forces most definitely are, search and rescue teams in disasters are, firefighters are just just in shape and I hardly see an obese Catalan police person (other regions may be different. Spain like the UK is one of the most obese European countries. I do see some larger sized security staff). So shouldn’t people who are there to protect us, chase the bad guys be fit too rather than relying on a uniforms’ power?

But they don’t need to run after people so much anymore! Isn’t there more cyber crime now? Ok, but you have to be caught in the act to be prosecuted. Every villain needs a lair. Every computer needs electricity and a plug socket, unless solar powered. So if the police bust in, raid the place, the one with the sweet talking lawyer, solicitor will just put his hands up and there’ll be one that makes a run for it. Someone’s gotta chase after and catch them, right?

Do you think the police force, firefighters, armed forces in any country should be fit, not obese. Or just some departments. Even Sherlock Holmes, the greatest crime solver of all time ran after suspects, or he did in BBC’s Sherlock. This is not a post about how police forces conduct themselves. Just merely an observation on expanding waist lines and a possible consequence of expanding waist lines.

I understand the previous post is a make up and skin care review. I work on many levels.


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  2. I have to say I’ve never seen a police officer who is over weight here in Toronto. Applicants to the force must under go under pretty intense training and pass a fitness test before graduating.

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      That’s what police applicants and those still on the force need to do! I know the Catalan police hold Krav Maga classes here. I toy every now and then with trying a class out, but chicken out!

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