Weekend Friday Favourites

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend all week long. Just me, the cats, a run, workout, catch on jobs and the beach. I like that I’ve made now the weekends gym free. Still train, just have a bit more of a life! Less travel in and out.

Anyways, straight into this week’s Weekend Friday Favourites. A late Fridays Favourites. Things that have been making me smile this week.

New Zealand’s Vodafone Piggy Sue Advert

Little piglet wraps big postal guy around his trotter (I know. Couldn’t resist). Too cute!

Flowers Balcony FlowersBalcony Flowers

These were €1-€2.50 (gardenia) each in Alcampo a few weeks ago. I couldn’t resist and my balcony’s been bursting with colour this week!

Fabletics Suva Run Short IIFabletics May Picks

They arrived just in time for last week’s Roxy #runsupyoga 6km run where the theme was wear your brightest colours possible. Super comfy, just the right length and waist band height. No need to roll it down. So far they’ve stayed put running, no riding up or down, no chafing and wicks away sweat easily.  So comfy, I forgot I was wearing them!

Animals Tales

The Secret Life of Street Cats

A photo project highlighting feral cats, how they can adapt almost anywhere and thrive shaking off common street cat misconceptions.

Bat Fungus War

The fungus killing off bat colonies in North America, may have met it’s match. They just need to work out how to make it work on a larger scale. Bats get a bad wrap, but I love cycling back at just after dusk and watching them zip around above doing their bat thing.

Ankle weightsAnkle Weights

I like adding these to box/plank leg extensions. Resistance bands looped around ball of foot and opposite hand work too. Pancake bums, need all the help they can get.

AJ and DD

Just because they look after their Mama. By that I mean snuggles where she falls asleep for 2 hours in the evening before dinner. That’s gotta be sorted out, but it’s hard to say no to cat snuggles.

Aj sometimes has this dopey look where he forgets to put his tongue away and purrs to his hearts content. It’s a look only his Mama would love. Even good looking cats and people have their off days.

Mr Dopey

D loves parcels as much as his Mama. All must pass his inspection. Miscota parcels are his favourite and the box that comes with it. This weeks parcel was no exception. Parcel for me!

Tuesday’s Sunset Port VellPort Vell, Barcelona

Okay, 1.5 hours before. The sun rises around 06.20 and sets 21.20. It doesn’t get dark dark, until about 21.50. The days are getting warmer, they’d be warmer without the windchill, but you can sunbath most times of the day now. That means one thing. Summer’s coming!

What’s been making you smile this week? Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. says:

    Ankle weights! You must be getting so strong!

    1. says:

      😉 Pancake bums need every help they can get!

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