Weekend Friday Favourites. 19.01.23

Happy Friday! 

First quarter Wolf Moon December 2022

The cold’s arrived! A few weeks later than usual and I’m not sure how long it will stay. Sunny skies make up for the chill. Flip side, cloudless sunny days mean colder winter nights. I read this week Catalunya might face strict water restrictions in a few months if it doesn’t rain soon. Climate change is real. 

Anyway, Weekend Friday Favourites. Things that have made me smile or caught my eye recently. 


I know robins are at Barcelona Zoo as I see maybe 1 once a year. This winter one I’ve seen a few. This little one was being chased by kids near the play area. Blocking the kids by walking and ‘pretending’ to look at the giraffe closure where the robin went, the kids ran back to play. Crouching down to say it’s ok, they’ve gone and take a photo (of course why wouldn’t I in it’s moment of torment 🤷‍♀️), it came running out towards me, ran along the path to pose for few seconds looking all cute with it’s big puffy body and skinny legs poking out.

Christmas Lights

Passeig de Gracia Christmas lights twinkling in the light. Many lights are still up and not switched on as is customary after 6th January, King’s Day.

January Full Wolf Moon 

Early 90’s Computer Printouts 

The past month, I’ve been sorting out the house. In my keepsake box, I re-found printouts my Dad printed for me at his work back in the early 90’s. He can’t remember them but I do! 

Winter Trees and Birds

Starling and first quarter Wolf Moon
Ringneck paraket

Charcoal Drawings

Chimpanzee or gorilla

While sorting out I came across charcoal drawings I did about 16 years ago. I can see faults such as out of proportion ears, paws, finger smudges, a little heavy handedness however I keep asking myself why did I stop drawing. 

Artic Hare

Year of the Rabbit Print by @2kooong

Miin Cosmetics had their Kings/New Year sale which was the perfect time to stock up. Some products due to the supply chain delays I can’t get, so I have new products to try and review! Others I could only get online. Receiving my order they’d included a cute Year of the Rabbit print by @2kooong to celebrate this Sunday’s Lunar New Year.

Blogging Assistant 

Koa makes a great assistant until her tummy starts whispering it’s hungry or she can’t sit still anymore as it’s playtime.

What’s been making you smile or caught you eye recently? Please share in the comments below. Have a great weekend! 

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