Autumn Winter Project Light

Winter’s here in the North Hemisphere! The sun’s low in the sky, the cold’s arrived. It’s only been a month since the winter solstice and already the days are noticeably longer. Longer than when they were a month leading up to the solstice. Which means spring’s in 2 months!

I love the longer brighter days as the sun starts to climb higher in the sky, however nothing beats the colours and crisp light of late autumn, early winter’s golden hour, sunsets and twilight. The sun’s so low in the sky molecules and small particles in the atmosphere change the light direction causing them to scatter lightening up sunset and the sky in colours no other season can match. As I was usually out around last daylight hour, I unknowingly started a sunset project.

November light lit up leaves in a magical glow bringing out golds, yellows, rusts and reds

A trip back to the UK at the end of November made me realise there are some things I miss about the UK. If it’s sunny, late autumn sunrises and sunsets are magical, making up for the cold.

Late November, Lower Holbrook, Suffolk.img_6703

December the sky lit up in colour! The less dressed branches creating endless silhouetted shapes, faces, stick figures if you let your imagination run a little.

Naked branches framed December’s Cold MoonAnd January’s waxing Wolf Moondscf1865

January’s light currently lightening up trees less golden crisp as the sun climbs the sky towards spring.

What light changes are you noticing at the moment? Please share in the comments!


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  2. says:

    So pretty. Here most days we only have “pollution grey”…

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      Noooo! That’s not good 🙍‍♀️

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