Intentions 2019

Happy New Year!

Sunset 1st Jan 2019

I hope you had an amazing time celebrating the New Year whether you were sleeping, partying or like me celebrating New Year’s Day soaking up the sun at the beach!

Like Christmas, ringing in the New Year was low key. Thanks to TVE1 en directo on my phone, the cats and I rang in the New Year watching the ball drop in Puerta de Sol Madrid snugged up warm. I just just managed to eat all 12 grapes in before the 12 campanadas finished. Just. Does having 1 or 2 left mid chew as you try to avoid choking on grape juice count?

I’m more New Year’s day than New Year’s Eve. I like to see the sunrise rise which I didn’t this year as I missed it by 25 mins as I was still asleep. It’s okay, it’s a reminder to get my routine sorted. Around this time of year it’s resolutions, a new year to start again, start projects. The way I see it, is everyday is the start of a New Year. It’s just a matter of how you look at it. There’s never a good or the right time to start things. It’s when you decide to start. And put in the work, effort and stick with it. I’m getting better in the evenings not falling asleep as soon as I get in. It’s taking a lot of inside nagging, feeling of disappointment each time I ‘fail’. But it’s okay. Like with climbing, a flash is a new routine you’ve send/completed first time. The feeling’s amazing. You figured it out first time! Sometimes however, okay most of the time with me the best feeling of accomplishment are the bouldering routes that have taken me a few weeks or sessions to send. I’ve met the mat so many times, can’t figure it out, my body doesn’t have the strength, my fingers loose strength and grip Then one day I get it, I send and that feeling truly is amazing. I stuck with it, I didn’t give up. If you want it you’ll find away, just don’t give up!

That said do I have a few resolutions this year? I wouldn’t say resolutions. Intentions I’d like to do or try. 

I really want to start climbing on the rock as well as indoors. I’ve been climbing for nearly a year and still haven’t climbed on real deal. 

I’d like to learn how to ride a motorbike. Both the rock and learning to ride a motorbike are equally as scary. Maybe next year the bike! 

Set aside time for yoga. Since starting climbing, my yoga practice has suffered and I’m noticing the difference. I’d also like to try SUP too. That requires me working on being out of my depth in the water. Eek!

I have a stack of books that have been piling up since summer last year. I’m aiming reading one a month. 

Work on getting a better routine. This goes hand in hand with a few other things that need sorting out and working on. 

I’d like to improve my photography, get regular work, sort my skin out, help animals more, eat better and so many other things we’d be here all day.

However perhaps the biggest intention is to be happier within myself, laugh, giggle be cheeky more, be more spontaneous. Like working out a better routine and schedule it goes hand in hand with a few other things that I need working on. It’s okay, it’s just where I’m at right now that isn’t working. Everyday, every hour, even every minute is a new year to start again. You’ve just gotta retrain, reprogram your brain.

1st beach siesta of the year after 1st workout of the year! Full clothed of course.

And of course I said Hi to the New Year the zoo. Where else?dscf1213

What are your intentions for the year ahead? Happy 2019!

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    I likr the concept of new year being every day. I don’t do new year resolutions as it seems it is impossible to keep them, haha.

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