Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you’re having a great weekend! I won’t lie, being on lockdown cooped coming up for the 6th week I’m having my loopy moments, my motivated moments and perhaps more demotivated moments.


I think the Spanish government will call the State of Alarm next week for another two weeks. The government can only call it every two weeks. I’m just hoping they relax some restrictions and we’re allowed outside even if it’s for exercise. This however might be different for each region based on regional covid-19 infection levels or health care facilities. If another 2 weeks is added, that’s 2 months under near total lockdown. I understand the whys, so don’t come for me! As Catalunya is one of the worst hit regions after Madrid, it might be one of the last regions to have restrictions lifted. One thing all regions can agree on is kids that have been cooped up for nearly 6 weeks need to get outdoors to play. The next State of Alarm may allow for this. Big kids allowed out too would be amazing too.

As for Weekend Friday Favourites, it’s short one. This week’s been a struggle motivationally and mentally. My birthday’s next month, a big one and with that comes lots of whys, what ifs, what no’s, what I’ve done etc. I lost a few days in a little head spin. But hey, everybody gets old! Youth’s appreciated as it’s got fat cheeks, no wrinkles, elastic skin! Nature really likes to hit you hard with age. Just when you’ve getting used to things she takes them away! Okay enough reflection. If you’re still here, Weekend Friday Favouites, things that have made me smile this week or caught my eye. 


Ducks, kestrels, wagtails, seagulls, swifts, parakeets, magpies and pigeon seen flying. All flying higher or lower than usual. 

Dried Mango

I did a little mental happy dance finding sulphate free dried mango slices in Alcampo. Alcampo again? It’s my only physical shop at the moment. A healthier alternative to chocolate and sweets/candy. I’ve been snacking on them going into the kitchen in an I’m bored, am I hungry, thirsty, need something sweet moment. Icing on the cake, they’re bio! Alcampo really is full of surprises at the moment. I even found cruelty free natural solid shampoo bars. Bars plural. There were 5 to choose from in a regular supermarket.

Everything is Figureoutable. Marie Forleo

I’m a kinda girl that needs a little kick every now and then. Nothing like age and looking at peers in a good non competitive way to think WTF I’ve done as they steam power ahead. I’ve always said I was born 10 years too early so I’m catching up, making up for lost time. Based on the principle everything is figureoutable. Marie Forleo tells you how to change you mindset to make everything figueraoutbale and use fear (not the keep safe fear. That you need) as your friend. I’m half way through and enjoying my lessons so far! 

Sunrises and Sea Sparkles 

DSCF5276Always make me smile. I feel happy and productive if I catch one! Counting down to seeing the sea up close! 

Home Gym Equipment

Not included the box of workout bands, suspension trainer, sandbag and skipping ropes

While I don’t teach fitness anymore I’m more than grateful I have all the gear with some idea for home workouts. Tone It Up Studio Tone Up app and Popsugar Fitness Dance on Youtube (free!) have also been making me smile. Even if it’s to feel like I’m in a class laughing and giggling. I’ve just about 80% got the steps to Nicole Steen’s Cardio Latin Dance Workout that I’ve been doing a few times a week for about 2-3 weeks (I’ve not idea what day or date it is anymore) on ‘run days’. But just when I think I’ve got them and just like in climbing when I think I’ve got the route, my feet mess up.

Uncut Verges and Wild Flowers 

Council letting the grass grow

Internet Finds

India yak deaths: ‘For humans to survive, yaks must too’. BBC News

The Catalans who conquered California. El Pais in English 

Does city life make animals smarter? BBC Future

Tina Turner Proud Mary (Live). Youtube. She’s 69 here, 10 years ago. If I’m like her at 69 I’m happy! 

What’s been making you smile this week or caught your eye? Please share in the comments below! Have a great week ahead!