Moment Of Just Being

I like to keep things up beat around here as much as I can. Today however, there’s so much sadness happening in the world I didn’t feel it appropriate to write. To write about the great time I had this afternoon.

This week has been difficult for several reasons, facing things I’d rather not, but can’t hide from, the cold I shook off a few weeks ago is back (or allergies have returned) but these are nothing to what some are going through. I have a roof over my head, food in the fridge, a family who loves me, my health and I live in a stable country. I get to enjoy my freedom.

My thoughts this week are with those lost in all three civilian flight crashes this week and those lost to conflicts of difference of opinion. Will we ever find peace?

It’s cliche, the sadness makes you appreciate what you have and the moments. Moments of happiness, the moment of just being. IMG_8670


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