Finding My Inner Indy

One thing I love about running and cycling is the ease they make of exploring new places. I normally have a few running routes at hand depending on how I’m feeling, if I want hills, flat, people, less people to manuvour around. I always see something different on these routes, but keep in mind running the same route is like the same workout time and time again. It starts to loose flavour even when switching up the pace. When I have the time and extra energy in the tank I like to explore side streets or paths I’ve noticed on previous runs or from just being out and about. Today was one of those runs.

View off the pier on todays run exploreIMG_2243IMG_2223

Ran later than intended and toughed out the heat only thanks to a breeze. Late morning runs are normally out in the summer.IMG_2219

For a few runs on the breezy shady route, I’ve noticed people on Badalona’s Port sea wall which intrigued me. Firstly, I didn’t know you could walk on it, secondly, how do they get there as I bet there’s a great breeze! The first attempt, I discovered new beaches, but no access to the sea wall. Second attempt, ran the wrong side of the port, thinking there’s a port bridge maybe I could run over, but found probably the biggest Chinese restaurant yet instead. Third attempt today, playing Indiana Jones, I found it, complete with it’s promised sea breeze. Which I was thankful for as I ended up running 9km instead of estimated 7.50km.


And that’s for me the beauty of running and cycling, getting out there and exploring further than walking. New places, new trails, new sights keep me on my toes, buildings or monuments to look up later, little a-ha moments of that’s were it leads to, new places to visit for later, places not to visit for later, feeling alive, owning my run and embracing my inner Indy. And who didn’t want to be Indiana Jones growing up?

Do you vary your running routes? Who was your adventure hero growing up? I loved Indiana Jones and Star Wars. Sadly there weren’t many female adventurers on TV or in movies in the 80’s to the mid 90’s. Buffy The Vampire Slayer was the first her kind, followed by Dark Angel, revamped Chalie’s Angels, Lara Croft leading the way for the action adventure heroines today.

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