Friday Faves

If you ask my why I like shopping so much, I’ll say ‘It’s modern day hunting!” Tracking an item down, the thrill of the chase, scoring a bargain, foraging for bracelets, purses, DIY equipment, the last package of spinach on the shelf. The vast majority of us now don’t have to hunt, track or forage our food, but we haven’t lost our hunting instinct. It’s still there, just used differently and I’m jumping from my Zara Home steal!

€40, 300 count sheets for €12.99 as someone put the wrong discount stickers on in Zara Home. An easy mistake to make. They had 2 types of white sheets on offer, the 300 count sheets and a medium quality sheet both on offer at the same price. I’m after sheets and these were too good an offer to believe or not take up so I chanced the till. The 300 rang up €29.99. I mentioned the sticker says €12.99, thinking they’d say no, €29.99. But they didn’t! They honoured the €12.99 as it was their mistake. I couldn’t believe it, €80 worth of sheets for €25.99! That’s why it’s called bargain hunting!

Anyways, Friday Faves and Friday’s run on a Saturday as I’m aways late the party.

Yesterdays run was a tough one. The intervals had me beat. I don’t like walking running (I pause the tracker!) but I don’t know if I was running faster or the heat that’s returned. Either way tough. I’ve no idea of my pace as the Nike App played up. I’d reinstalled it before, half way I pause for water and it say’s resuming workout. Music was playing the whole time. If you have the Nike running app, the music pauses with the run. I enjoyed running up the steps much more!

Run vista and those steps!IMG_1151 IMG_7404

Sephora Kiss Me Cotton Candy lip glossIMG_0293

I picked this up for Sephora this week and love it’s natural colour and non gloopy texture. It’s more a balm than gloss and smells more Haribo than candy floss  (British for cotton candy), but I’m not sure how easy it will be to apply in few months when it’s nearly used up.


No, not Eric! I came across this great article on about the Vikings influence on the English language. It puts a spin on that English language origins are Germanic. Berserk for example is a warrior who dress only in bear skins for battle and showed no fear running around weldling a sword.

H&M SocksIMG_0288

Like the invisible tight socks for heels, trainers and pumps, but made of actual sock material. These will be great when it’s gets colder, as thinner ones aren’t up to winter use (feet freeze). I also picked up a nuetral colour set.

AJ and DIMG_7431 IMG_7420

The debate over whose yoga mat it is continues. AJ’s this week’s taken to sitting right at the top of the mat which makes front bends difficult. I could push him off, but I secretly like it, so he stays until he’s had enough. D’s been hunting sun spots this week and lapping up his birthday tuna dinner.

 Green JuiceIMG_0433

I’ve made an effort this week to have a juice a day. The day I didn’t I actually missed it. My favourite mix this week: 2 handfuls of spinach, a chunck of ginger, 1 grapefruit, 1-2 carrots, 1 apple and 1 plum. Yum!

Have a great weekend! I’m cushion cover hunting.

What’s been making you smile this week? Do you think shopping is our hunting?





  1. says:

    H&M socks are so comfy and reasonably priced! Great finds 🙂 – Lena

    1. says:

      They are aren’t they!

  2. You are doing wonderful with your running, your super healthy smoothies AND your shopping.
    What a “steal” on those sheets! 😉

    1. says:

      Thank you! And those sheets were a steal. Even better than they’re normal sales prices!

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