Late Summer Changes

I’d love to say this past weekend I got away for a mini break, exploring someplace new, but no, I ended up getting caught out in thunderstorms, running all over the city with AJ (the cat), playing sherpa while Paul recovers from a shoulder injury, soaking up my favourite season now it’s returned; late summer and trying to figure out what am I doing with my life as it’s September next week. 4 months until the New Year. That’ll fly by.

Friday, I just finished my warm up and it starts to spit. I run back inside for a long sleeved top and by the time I get re organised and back outside it had stopped. It looked like it might rain again, so I kept the long sleeves wishing I’d kept the tank top. 10 minutes into 8km (it might have been, my phone threw a hissy fit with Nikeplus 5 minutes in. It’s doing that a lot a that moment) it tips it down for the next 20 minutes. Within 3 minutes I’m drenched. But I like running the rain so it’s not a problem. I prefer to keep running than shelter and get cold. A few other runners out so I didn’t feel so much of a nutter!IMG_3767

While I don’t mind running in the rain. Cycling I’m not so keen, especially heavy rain. I’d cycled into the city centre later on Friday (why is it when you eat healthily there’s at least 6 different shops you shop at located in different areas?). Leaving my last shop it tips it down. Umbrellas turned inside out, pavements were rivers. No way was I cycling back even with a rain coat! The metro allows bikes outside of peak hours and luckily it was 9.30pm, closing time. I still got drenched walking to the metro and from my stop home in a now thunderstorm in awe of the buildings lit up purple. IMG_3777

The sun finally peeked through the clouds Saturday afternoon. Workout and chores done it was off the to beach. Then it was straight back into the centre for bits I couldn’t get the day before. I got off a stop early and spent time wandering around my old neighbourhood, Cuitat Vella. Sometimes I miss it, but I don’t miss the tourists. One person remembered me and we had a quick chat. I think it’s great after 3 years away, people still recognise me, ask how I am and the rapport still’s there. Some time to myself was great too! And seeing peoples faces as they work out the self checkout tills for the first time. It’s not that hard. Scan, pay, pack, go!IMG_3798IMG_9612 IMG_9622 IMG_9615

I treated myself to a white jumper for autumn, get home try it to, decide it’s a keeper, pick up AJ, who needs toilet paper and get poo on it. WTF?! That pretty much sums up the past few weeks. I have had motivation to workout (kinda, 2nd circuit I’m feeling it), the workouts themselves have need motivation. I’m switching things up, trying different things, using the suspension trainer more, which adds a fun, strength element, but I think other factors are at play. I plan new workouts every two weeks, but Sunday was particularly hard planning. I’ve heard great things about the Nike Training app and thinking of trying it for one of my workouts and for ideas. Any reviews I’d love to hear! That said, yesterday I switched up planks jacks with a mini band around the my ankles and today subbed TRX travelling squat jumps for squat jumps left and right over a sandbag due to space issues. They were tough, fun and I loved them! The challenge was not to turn them into ski jumps.

It’s not just workouts needing umpf. Sunday it took all morning for me to get out and run. I don’t know why, just kept delaying. When I finally did I was grateful for the clouds still hanging around. It was muggy, but without full on sunshine 12km was manageable. Handstand practice afterwards as always. I can now ‘catch air’, but would like to leave the safety net of the door.IMG_3819

Monday D snugged up to Zooey Deschanel on Instyle magazine’s August cover, AJ was back the vets. The day was non stop. Workout, pet taxi, drop a grumpy AJ off for a teeth clean and tooth removal, me metro back, chores, sneak off the beach (me time), food shop, metro to vets, pet taxi back. Teeth clean and tooth removal went well, happy cat coming home whose face lit up when they saw me coming to rescue them from the vet, maybe problems with his tummy as to why he’s loosing weight. Blood work fine so it could be allergies. Try different food, back in 3 weeks. Okay.IMG_3856


I hope you had a great weekend if you’re still reading. And of you are reading still why?! I’m planning on making changes and would appreciate feedback. Any ideas welcome!

Oh and do you like running in the rain?!


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    I love the NTA. It has a lot of variety for all fitness levels. The core workout and cardio workout The Shredder is a killer. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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      I’ll have to check it out! I’m interested in Chalene Johnson’s new PLYO too, but for now I’ll stick with her instagram account. She always has good snip bits of workouts on it.

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