Early Spring Sunshine

Spring’s here early and I’ve caught the cliche Spring Cleaning. Maybe it’s the change of light that’s making a few things look tired and faded or the light’s making things look different and in need of change. Whichever one, I’ve been switching and moving things around in the apartment, having a mini KonMari Method clean out and feeling change of happier energy in general. Cliche I know! Spring’s always a wake up season after a season of hibernating so maybe I’ve caught that energy and have a whole host of ideas I want to get moving.

Living in a city you don’t notice seasonal changes as much. Grey becomes a different tone of lifeless grey. When I lived in the centre of Barcelona I didn’t see seasons change as much. Only on the plane trees that line the city’s streets. Now I’m on outskirts, near the sea with a little more greenery I notice seasons change more. However if it wasn’t for my oasis in the city, the Zoo I wouldn’t get to notice half the seasonal changes as I do. I know many are against zoos. I’m in-between with a view of if you eat meat, look how the animals raised for meat you eat are kept, transported and slaughtered first before commenting (yep, a little vegan bashing). As long as the animals are happy, enriched and are well looked after with spacious enclosures I’m more or less okay. That’s not to say I like all the enclosures at Barcelona Zoo. Many I wish were bigger. They are working on improving them with some being reopened I think this year.


I’m a member and the amount of times I go I think it breaks down to something like 50c a visit. Sometimes it’s the only place I can find some peace and quiet to disconnect. Other times to be out the wind enjoying warm sunshine like many of the residents are at the moment. Basking that early warm early Spring sunshine.

The kangaroos love the sunshine!3100086.jpgOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou again!My eyes are so bad at times, initially I was thinking why are there chicken feet in with the wallabies?! Baby wallaby! I see you!


What’s Spring like or Autumn where you are? What’s you view on zoos? I know some should be closed down and the animals rehoused due to cramped living conditions and poor care and others are amazing, spacious, doing great work with breeding programmes for many endangered animals to be released back into the wild.



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    Zoos in China are quite bad… and the hordes of people yelling at the animals or banging on their cages don’t make it better! Once in a work trip we were taken to one of those places where elephants perform… no words.

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      Those zoos I don’t like and should be shut down with the animal residents rehoused in better zoos or sanctuaries.

      I yell back at people who do bang on the cages or throw food. Okay no yell, but I say something as nicely as I can. A few are okay, no worries, but some, the macho men I pull up in front of their families I’m trembling inside when they get angry back at me! I hold my ground and hope I don’t see them later on!

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