Spring’s Here!

Happy Belated International Woman’s Day!

Spring’s here early! My winter coat’s waiting in the laundry wings to be put away until next winter (might be a little too eager saying that and jinx it) and I’m gradually switching out layers for lighter layers. Trees are getting their green on and the days are getting noticeably longer! YAY! Lighter mornings and the sun higher in the sky make a huge difference to my mood.

I hope you had a great week! I swear I don’t love the drama, it loves me, from Taylor Swift’s The End Game pretty much sums up the past week. The cats got some good and not good news from the vet, Diesel hasn’t been eating (thankfully he is now although he’s still not his usual perky self), no running water all day Sunday, tiredness, missing deadlines, dropping thing, slight anxiety breathing moments, racing to get 1 hour workouts done in 45 minutes to make climbing in time as I get to the gym too late as the mornings are going pants. Aw Nat, here’s a small violin for you! Some weeks it just goes like that. I don’t like to whinge too much here, sometimes you have to get it off your chest!

Palm trees cycling back this week

Anyways, I leave ya with the good drama that’s happened the past week. Climbing we’re now ‘allowed’ on the next level up. Previously my class has been on baby blue climbs only and this week we started mixing in some green sticker level climbs. Green’s physically and mentally more challenging. Thankfully our teacher’s there to advise, encourage and guide us by shouting look to your left!, move your right hand! as we’re or me trying not to slip while being caught unaware by a change in balance or physically for now not being to reach the next hold. Chalk’s now my new best friend.

The Boys had a trip to the vets last week. Mean Mama. Diesel hasn’t been doing so good recently. Blood tests revealed his meds have worked a little too well and even though his thyroid’s big, he’s now more hypothyroid than hyperthyroid with his kidneys playing up. He lost a quite a bit of weight, slept more than usual and wasn’t eating which the vet and I thought was hyperthyroid signs when it was his kidneys. Thankfully a few days of no medicine he’s eating, put on a bit of weight, is asking for breakfast and dinner and is gradually getting his cheeky swagger back. Aj’s result came back no change however his arthritis or where his licks is legs isn’t too great. He gets around fine and I’m looking forward warmer weather as it’ll help his joints.

Gym workouts although expressed condensed are going okay. I’ve been picking a lot of new moves or exercises from Tone It Up’s Studio Tone Up app. In addition to Katrina and Karena leading classes, they have a new fitness teachers they’ve know for a while in their area. I haven’t done a K&K workout in a while. I’ve been enjoying Stefanie’s kettlebell workouts, Kristina’s kickboxing and HIITS, Chyna’s kickboxing and HIITS, Danielle’s HIITS and Jilian’s barre and dances classes! It’s refreshing seeing other girls who are strong and muscular without looking like a Crossfitter or a bodybuilder.

28th February’s run was on the coldest day I’ve experienced here for a while. We had snow! It landed as rain but whatever it was snowing! It was also perfect running weather. Some crazy people were running in shorts, but I wrapped up warm allowing for a change in body heat once started and really enjoyed my run. I got to use the mitten bit for the first time on my running gloves I got last winter (the mitten bit folds up in a pouch on the wrist). They have a heat reflective lining so my hands were toasty until I started picking up bits of plastic on the beach. I thought my thumbs would be left out the party, but they were fine as able to tuck them in a little. Warm hands when it’s cold make all the difference for a happy run.

The next day, 1st March the sea took over the beaches

With Friday sunny skies and found this guy running!

Is Spring or change of season starting where you are? I always love seeing nature starting waking up this time of year after a season hibernating.

Kangaroo (Barcelona Zoo where I go to escape the crazy) appreciating warm spring sunshine too.

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