Weekend Friday Favourites

When Mr AJ (cat) lets you snuggle up to him taking a break editing, Weekend Friday Favourites is a little late. Like 3 weeks late. He’s a cat that likes things on his terms so if you snuggle up to him, fall asleep rather than the other way round it’s an honour. His brother, Mr D takes any extra body heat he can get so he’s not too fussed if you snuggle up, which in its own way is an honour. That both trust you enough to let you snuggle up, tickle tummies while they sleep.Duck Barcelona Zoo

Weekend Friday Favourites is back after a little hiatus. I actually started this Weekend Friday Favourites 3 weeks ago, however life happens and there’s only so many Monday Weekend Friday Favourites I can get away with. So let’s get straight into a late Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye recently. Could I say Weekend Friday Favourites anymore?!

Indoor Climbing 

I finished my beginner indoor climbing classes and signed up to continue at level 0! I’m enjoying it so far and while it’s getting a little harder each week, I can feel myself getting stronger. Remembering drop steps or bici’s in Spanish (I think cycling motion was the only way they could translate it) to reach across is something I constantly have to remind myself have way up the wall. The shoes however have left me in in awe of ballets dancers on blocks. The shoes are snug, they bite and we’re not even walking on tippy toes.


It’s was cold enough a few weeks ago for the city to get a little dusting of snow or ice pellets (US sleet. In the UK sleet’s a mix of rain and snow. The worst kind of snow). I thought most had melted as it turned to rain, however some hung around on a few beaches. Cycling in Friday and Saturday the council in that area was nice enough to salt pedestrian crossings. More snow photos here! This week we actually had snow! Sadly it landed as rain and I haven’t experienced so much freezing temperatures in years. 


Always pretty. Okay, not the overcast or rainy mornings which there’s been a lot of lately.

Fabletics Highwaisted Printed Powerhold Leggings 

I’ve only worn and washed these few times and so far they’re living up to their pilling resistant claim. They also claim to be ‘softer than soft with sensational recovery, PowerForm was made to move with your body and feel like you’re warring next to nothing. So did they? I completely forgot I was wearing them working out and when I didn’t have time to change after the gym for climbing and they had a lot of unrestricted movement. Sometimes leggings depending on the material or stitching I find can be a little unrestrictive. This material isn’t. You can move in it. Plus the design and colours are cool.

Tone It Up Love Your Body Nutrition Plan Chocolate Beet Muffins

Oh my! Part of Tone It Up’s recent Love Your Body series, these muffins are delicious and I didn’t burn them! I’ve made them 3 weeks in a row both with and without optional chocolate chips. Personally I prefer them without the chocolate chips and given them 5 stars.

AJ and D 

Just because!

Gold Moonstone RingPlease excuse my dry red hands. Winter.

The bottom of the stack! Every now and then I like to look in a semi precious stone shop in the Ciutat Vella. Usually after I’ve been looking at ‘power stone’ jewellery online and thinking how much?! I can similar cheaper if it’s just a bead bracelet! In Cristalljola you can pick up some nicely cut or threaded semi precious bracelets, necklaces, stones or beads to make your own and jewellery for a fraction of online. I picked up a pretty turquoise bracelet for €8 and this gold plated moonstone ring for €18!

2 and bit Weeks To SpringDaylight’s nearly at 12 hours and it gets dark around 7pm. Yay!!!

Zoo Photos

Always zoo visits to escape the crazy.


Wednesdays Run ViewThis was a cold run! Every marked changed in temperature here there’s a usually a 2-3 day storm or bad weather. I think it was about 4-5C with Thursday jumping to 14C! Crazy! It was great running weather. I was wrapped up warm and enjoyed it!

Internet Finds.

There’s a lot. A hiatus means almost x 4 the finds and thats not including what I found this week.

South African lions eat ‘poacher’ leaving just his head. BBC News. Karma’s a bitach!

Fearless rescue dog jumps off cliffs with his Dad. The Dodo, YouTube

Travelling woman rescues dog that changes her life forever. The Dodo, YouTube

The black belt ballet dancer. Great Big Story. YouTube.

In Peru, a ‘foggy’ solution to a water shortage. Great Big Story, YouTube

Michelle Obama talks with birthday girl Ellen about post white house life. The Ellen Show, YouTube.

The guardian of Tsavo. DW English, YouTube

Mixing Face Powder: Retro Cosmetics (1958). British Pathe, YouTube

Lost dog found 400km from home after 6 months. BBC News

Dog escapes Australian rubbish truck. BBC News

The winners of Underwater Photographer of the year 2017. YPU

100,000 oranguatans killed in 16 years. BBC News. They’re the reason why I avoid palm oil.

Tributes pour in for ‘hero’ dog Pete. BBC News

Spanish 80 year old stages Erasmus study grant packs his bag of Italy. El Pais in English. I admire his attitude and cheekiness!

The plastic bottle scheme that could help clean the oceans. BBC News

Plastic pollution reaching record levels in once pristine Arctic. BBC News

Used Clothes. Why is worldwide declining? BBC News. The USA’s now reviewing it’s trade relationships with Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. Why? Along with Kenya, South Sudan and Burundi they’ve announced they intend to stop importing used clothes from the UK and USA amongst other countries by 2019 as they want to start establishing their own clothing industries. The ‘bans’ ‘impose(ed) significant economic hardship on the US used clothing industry.’. Okay, but what about the clothing industry in the countries who intend to stop the imports? It’s great they want to establish their own clothing industries.

Hong Kong bans ivory trade in ‘historic’ vote. BBC News

Animals with Cameras: Capturing the secrets of the wild. BBC News

Meet “Iron Biby’ from Africa who wants to be the world’s strongest man. BBC News

Immigration to Europe. The battle for the Mediterranean. El Pais In English

The teen rescuing street children in Nigeria. BBC News

The tiny US island with a British accent. BBC Travel. So who speaks proper English? The British or Americans?!

The 11 cities most likely to run out of drinking water – like Cape Town. BBC News. London’s one of them. I’m trying to use less water. The bathroom rule here’s if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down! I swtich off the shower applying shampoo, conditioner and shaving legs (but then I’m I have a little more hot water afterwards to stand in. If I’m half asleep showing, half of the shower is waking up. It’s the kitchen that takes the most water).

What’s been making you smile recently? Please comment below! Have a great week ahead!

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