Weekend Friday Favourites

I was shown up by a 7 year old boy yesterday morning. One of the Spartan race obstacles’s a rope climb. I’ve never climbed a rope. Trees yes, British trees. Palm trees no. Anyways, in one of the kids playgrounds I pass along running sometimes are 3 poles to climb up and press a bell at the top. It’s a good-a substitute as I’m gonna get, unless I find a rope climb. There were a few kids playing, I wait my turn or rather until less people around. The boys about 7 make it look easy. Shimmy up, press bell, shimmy down. I can do that! Feet have to be like so, up you go! Erm, sweaty palms got me no where. I couldn’t grip to save my life and there was nothing to soak up the sweat. My top and shorts were no good and there was no sand around. I tried a few more times for face before running onto the next obstacle practice, to redeemed myself with. Wall scales.

I’m using one of the beach access ramps as my practice wall. It gradually increases in height as you walk down it. I can just scale 5’2″ (I work on a daily basis in metric, height is still imperial in the UK and it sticks regardless) or the level with tops of my ears. My height 5’5″ is the next goal. I’ve found another access ramp with more distance between the walls and noticed yesterday my sprints up were better. I get some odd looks as the ramp’s busy with beach goers, they take their sweet time walking by, but I felt stronger. Can’t say that about the rest of the run. Heavy legs.

1/2 way run view and cool off by the rocks! Friday Run View

I’m looking forward to this weekend. Catch up, the beach and much needed yoga! This week’s been busy. A few of my clients switched days an hour or 2 before classes so my schedule’s involved extra running around and with that comes an extra tired Nat! But clients are happy, that’s the main thing. And then there was an hour or 2 having a quick browse around the first day of the Summer sales. Disappointingly few bargains and discounts to be found. I didn’t hit many clothes shops. Haven’t got patience for those queues and my size generally sells out pretty quick before the sales.

Weekend Friday Favourites. A round of up this that have been making me smile this week or caught my eye!

Jupiter and Venus

Every June and July they’re visible in the twilight sky. June appearing to move closer together, July appearing to move away from each other. Tuesday (30th June) was when they were the most closet by 2 degrees. I believe this year was extra special as they were brighter than most years. Initially I couldn’t find them as I couldn’t find a Spanish website saying what direction they’d be in! UK and USA sites said, NW. I found them SW. Regardless with a near full moon, colourful sunset where I could see sunbeams shooting up in the sky as the sun set to rise the other side of the world, it was a moment of awe. We are just spinning around in a vast universe and with what goes on on planet Earth, I can see why some people want to leave to explore space. Then there’s me. Whenever I think of Jupiter and Venus I start singing Lady Gaga’s Venus.

Aj and D   Diesel: Whatcha looking at?
Aj. Too hot to get up

These 2 are doing ok with the heat. They don’t like so much and prefer the cooler evenings. Poor D, one evening I accidentally shut him out on the balcony and didn’t realise until I hadn’t seen him for a few hours. Bad Mama! Aj most of the week hasn’t bothered to get up and say hello when I get in. Too much effort when it’s hot. You can say Hello while his sits on his summer blankie, a sheet.

Waves Waves. BCN

On my way back or in between running errands, I stop off for at the beach. Only for about an hour. Any longer I get a bit bored. The waves a few days this week were bigger than usual, which made dips more fun. Waves to jump and no spin cycles! Sometimes the best things are free!

Sistema Lunch BoxesSistema To Go

As I’m spending longer out, I’m taking more snacks or if I have time to make it, lunch. I found these lunch boxes in Alcampo a few weeks ago and they’ve been ideal! Made in New Zealand, BPA free, secure clips so few leaks (I still put them in a plastic bag. I’m clumsy at times), collapsable cutlery with compartments of dips, dressings etc. The breakfast tub’s perfect for fruit salads!

2015 Nat Geo Traveler Photo Contest

Their best travel photos of the year so far

FootLocker Converse Chuck Taylor All StarConverse Chuck Taylor All Star ox

I love sandals, however after my Achilles issues, I was informed I had to wear insoles. That meant bye bye pretty summer shoes! Even though this year, my new physio/osteopath says I don’t need to wear them any more (yay!), I found last summer was more comfortable in trainers. A lot of girls (and a few tourists) I’ve noticed wear them and my feet are happier at the end of the day compared to previous sandal summers. These printed tongues are super comfy.

Cycling Monday Monday Bike Vista

One of the best commuter cycle paths when the weather plays nice along the beaches!

Minions!  Minion Art Exhibition BCN

Minions have been around for centuries. Diagonal Mar Centre Comercial Minion movie promotion exhibition proves it.

What’s been some of your favourites this week? Sandals or trainers in the summer? Take snacks or lunch or buy snacks or lunch?



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  2. Beach time sounds amazing, as does playing in the waves. Yes, the best things in life are certainly free [as long as take the time to appreciate them!]

    If I go hiking or something, I usually plan ahead and pack my own snacks and prepare my own water bottles. It bets having to look for something or settling for something because it is the only option available.

    1. says:

      I always take snack and water with me. It does as you say save looking for something! As I’m out for longer I need to take more snacks! I bet Taiwan has some amazing hikes! Have a great week 🙂

  3. says:

    Cool pictures as usual Nat! Kids always make things look easier though lol. I thought the same thing when I went skiing once.

    1. says:

      Thank you! Kids do don’t they! I think it’s their no fear switch no activated yet!

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