Weekend Recap, Flower pots, Manuka Honey and Coconut Oil Remedies

I feel a bit bad. I kinda made a girl on an electric scooter that you sit on, fall into a flower pot. A big metal one.

There’s a small bridge along the beaches. Bikes, people use either lane going over, but logic states same side you drive. I was following a group on scooters and crossed on the left rather than right to get ahead. These scooters go way too fast anyway and it’s mostly tourists who ride them. One end of the bridge are large metal flower pots. I cycled around a few people and took one flower pot exit and heard a crash. One of the scooterists had crashed and fallen into a flower pot. I stopped turned around as did the rest of her group, tried to keep a straight face as a fellow scooterist asked what happened. She thought that lady (me. First time being referred to a lady. Normally it’s nena, little girl) on the bike was going to take the same flower pot exit (in English, Australian and I took a different exit). Oh sh*t ! Was it my fault? I asked if she was ok, she said yes, friend asked again what happened, that lady…. I didn’t know what to do. She said she was ok and there was no visible blood. I waited a few seconds and took off. Not the best Samaritan. Cycling on I thought, it could be serious, you should have apologised (who’s fault was it?), stopped and gone up, you might have ruined her holiday! P had to reason with me it was nobodies fault as there was no contact, you asked if she was ok and was it funny. Err, yes, but I could have ruined her holiday! I made a girl fall into a big metal flower pot! If by any chance in a billion it was you, I apologise for assisting in you in falling into a flower pot. I sincerely hope it wasn’t serious. I feel bad.

I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was quiet, attempting to catch up on chores and escaping to crowded beaches and a near empty zoo, Friday and Saturday. Yes, 2 visits in as many days. It’s my escape. For an hour I’m transported away from everything to tropical gardens where things are how they are. Okay, I like visiting the zoo! A few penguins have finished their moult and are back in the water. Peacocks are still displaying their tails, which I’m surprised to still see. So far I can only spot 1 baby peacock/hen and Mum in the rhino enclosure. Normally around now, there are quite few following their mums.

Peacocks Barcelona Zoo

Peacock Barcelona Zoo

New workout location on Saturday. The roof! I’ve no idea why I haven’t thought of it before. I used the washing line frames for the suspension trainer, pull ups and chin ups. It was a lot cooler than in the apartment, in the shade, with a cool breeze and was surprisingly quiet. A few seagulls popped by and 1 red spider mite crawled by. One was enough to wash down the mat, sandbag everything afterwards. Those things bite. I have the bite marks to prove it.Roof workout

Sunday. Oh Sunday the weather app didn’t say you’d be that hot. I set off earlier than normal for my run, but not early enough. 15km up the coast and monkey bar play. The last 4.5km I ran walked. I couldn’t find a public water fountain and ended up asking a beach bar if they could fill my water bottle up (thank you and yes, I’ve purchased a larger bottle!) twice. Weather check when I got back. 36C! I gave myself a pass walking (today’s high was 38C. It doesn’t stop)!Sunday Run view

No sea dip Sunday. I stayed a little while at the beach as it was too packed for me to stay long. Coming back from the zoo, I contemplated stopping off for a dip to cool off, but remembered the apartment building pool. Probably a safer late evening. I swear jumping in I shrank 2 sizes from the heat! When it’s this hot, cold showers don’t cut it. It’s like your whole body craves being immersed in cold water!

Cycling back Sunday. Still about 35CSummer Evening BCN

Inticing cool water!Cool pool water!

Later I noticed my shoulders thanks to my rucksack rubbing off sun cream were burnt. Anybody who knows me knows I’m a stickler about sun cream (always SPF 50). Being burnt is a big no no. This year thanks to taking my rucksack on and off my shoulders have been burnt about 3 times. 3 times too many than previous years. To take the edge off, I applied manuka honey over night which worked a treat. Any redness had gone by morning. To protect my hair from any chlorine damage, I left coconut oil in overnight to wet hair to restore moisture (wash hair in the morning otherwise it looks greasy!). In the summer I use a coconut oil hair mask a lot to help repair sea salt, suncream and sweat damage. It’s a cheap and effective!

How do you keep cool in the heat? I try to keep hydrated with water, juices and fruit. Training outdoors or in air conditioned coolness in the summer?


  1. says:

    I’m sure things like this happen all the time with scooters. Sometimes they have a mind of their own.
    I love the rooftop workout!

    1. says:

      I’m sure they do! As P said, riding scooter comes with responsibility! Roof top workout was much better than inside the apartment mostly as it was cooler!

  2. says:

    For some reason I’m imagining some giant flower pot that she crashed into! I guess those electric scooters aren’t that safe after all haha also that meerkat is so adorable!! I have a weird thing for meerkats haha

    1. says:

      It was! A big ornate metal flower pot! Meerkats are cute. I thinks it’s their eyeliner that does it!

  3. says:

    I’m sorry, but the flower pot story made me laugh! I’m sure the lady went on to have a nice vacation. No (permanent) harm, no foul. 🙂

    1. says:

      I’m sure she did, but I did feel a little bad! Ones misfortunes is another’s giggle!

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