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I’ve been wanting to do a YouTube favourites post for a while but haven’t been able to find a way of conveying it. I think this is because it’s mostly ‘influnencers’ and because of this it comes across full of consumerism. Occasionally they might sway me into buying something but I feel mainly as their lifestyles are completely out my budget, that I’m vegan (yep, vegans have to tell everyone in the 1st 30 seconds they’re one. Insert roll eye emoji), am trying to reduce plastic and recycling and trying to having less stuff in general keeps me in check.images

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You’d think there would be a lot of animal channels seeing as how much I love animals. There are a few though I’ve noticed while I follow many of the following YouTubers on Instagram, more animal accounts pop up on my IG feed than my YouTube feed. This I’m happy about otherwise I’d be completely bombarded with look at me in my new shoes, look at my new bag! The animal recuses, animal and nature photos on IG keep in me check. I’m happy to keep the big bloggers in YouTube occasionally reading their blogs and animals on IG. While I’m subscribed to many channels on YouTube, I use Youtube signed out for variety and that I never know what’s going to pop up! It’s YouTube who got me into zero waste, recycling less, using less plastic. I’m getting better at not going on YouTube as much and I’m not the most loyal subscriber. I may wait a few days to watch videos. I haven’t been blogging as much recently and neither have I’ve been on YouTube as much either. Hauls I tend to skip. How much does one person need to buy each week?! Even more if it’s all designer, obviously sponsored or paid advertisement. I’m getting better as saying no to my phone putting it down. It can irritate me how much I pick my phone up. One reason why I haven’t been posting as much I can relate to a video which gave me a reason to do this post.

I follow Aimee Song from Song of Style. She’s one of the major fashion influencers in fashion blogging, Instagram and YouTube. She’s got great style and a wardrobe I’d love to raid! I like how positive she is, how kind, funny and kooky she is and always has a smile! Plus her travel vlogs. Sigh. She’s upped recently NYC Fashion Week vlogging by interviewing people within the industry to help others who’d like to enter the fashion industry. She recently interviewed one of her friends Eva Chen, a major fashion editor, now working at Instagram. I didn’t even know Instagram had a fashion department! But then I couldn’t tell you which designer works at which house, which photographer did which campaign, who did the hair, makeup etc. I just like to look at the photos and day dream while asking do they know that baby lambs they coo over are the same baby lambs that their bag’s made from? It makes me mad when they oh this leather isn’t as good as this leather. It’s not as subtle as this leather but I love my dogs! It’s easy to see why I’m not a fashion blogger! That and I’m pretty casual when it comes to clothes. Casual chic and I’m mostly in leggings working out anyway and have no idea how to pose.

If you’re still with me, Eva Chen has some great things to say about life which reflect how I feel at the moment. We’re more or less the same age and have never had career goals. I’ve been lazy, she’s worked to get where she is. When she said no one is like a island, you can’t do everything on your own really stuck. I’m an island most of the time and I can only do so much on my own! Also that who we were 5 years ago, our dreams 5 years ago change over time. Which is true. It was breath of fresh air hearing her view on life. I love that while obviously there’s a serious side, her IG page is completely nuts! It’s real, no posed photos, just her being her, behind the scenes and it’s so refreshing! Here’s the video if you’re interested!

And those other YouTubers I follow.

Tone It Up

A given seeing as I’ve mentioned Tone It Up in many Weekend Friday Favourites. I’ve been following them since 2011. I get workout and exercise ideas from them as well as life inspiration. They’re full of life, positive, cheeky, real and have made it their mission to inspire and empower girls through exercise and healthy eating. Katrina’s house, love it!

Chriselle Lim

I’ve been following her blog for quite a few years however for the past year or so I prefer her videos. She’s ‘luxe’, has amazing skin so I’m always watching for her skincare secrets on her favourites videos. I also like her vlogs, but then I’m nosy and like a lot of the people mentioned here vlogs.

Sophie Shohet

I’ve only recently started following her on YouTube. I’ll admit I initially thought she was way too luxe and a little posh for me, but she’s really down to earth, funny and is prepared to share all her money saving tips, how to’s and life advice. She mixes high street from Ebay to Reiss with luxury, supports Esty brands, drives a Ford Fiesta to the supermarket and saves the Bentley and Porsche for Harrods. She’s also one of the few British YouTubers I follow.

Monkey Boo

Monkey Boo’s perhaps the cutest cheekiest capuchin monkey living with his pet humans in North Carolina, USA and always cheers me up or just amazes how much we’re related to monkeys. Nothing’s forced. If he doesn’t want to do it he won’t. Story goes his main human’s son wanted a monkey, he relented with the cutest monkey who whenever the camera was on him, amped up the charm so they began Monkey Boo YouTube. The rest is history.

Jeffree Star

If I’m feeling a little down Jeffree will cheer me up. A make up artist whose videos hit nearly always the 1 million mark in just a few days. He does reviews, Jeffree Star approved reviews, tutorials and well, keeps it real while upping the glam!

Team Coco aka Conan

Team Coco always cheers me up too without fail. I love his usual talk show episodes, I love it more when he visits different countries or is let loose in various USA cities. You never know what’s going to go down! If Bill Burr’s on then you know it’s going to be a great show! He has a way of the most funniest stories from his guests and puts them at ease while doing it.

The Graham Norton Show

Again always cheers me up without fail! Sometimes my cheeks hurt from laughing so much. Always a completely random mix of guests, usually promoting their latest movie, single, tour or album and they never get to talking much about what they’re promoting as Graham has dirt on nearly everyone.

The Dodo

My animal fix. I can go from floods of tears to happy smiles watching animals being rescued to being transformed in to happy smiling individuals.

Patrica Bright

I don’t watch Patrica enough! She’s another UK ‘influencer’ a little luxe, tells it like it is, isn’t afraid to make fun of herself, likes to keep it real and understands most of her audience aren’t in the luxury brand market. I really enjoy her online shopping clothing reviews!

Justine Leconte Officiel

She’s a different type of fashion YouTuber being a fashion designer herself. She guides you through how to find what colours suit you, how to dress according to body type, the design processes, how to style accessories, what to look for in quality while shopping for clothes, shoes, bags etc, how to shop more sustainably while working towards tackling fast fashion. She’s also a huge advocate for fair fashion.

Animal Aid Unlimited India

Animal rescue in India. I can’t believe how cruel some people are. Thankfully Animal Aid Unlimited India is there to rescue, rehabilitate and help animals back to healthy happy.

Great Big Story

Great Big Story takes you all over the world from making mochi in Japan to catching water from fog in nets in Peru to amazing people all over the world.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Falon 

I love the crazy sketches and games he gets his guests doing!

The Ellen Show

Again I love the crazy stuff she gets her guests to do! I laughed so much when she took Michelle Obama to CVS.

Hope For Paws

I can’t always watch this Los Angeles based rescue group as I’m nearly always in tears even with happy smiley faces always at the end of each story. It’s the music!

SlideShow ForFun

Another of my animal rescue fixes. There are some amazing people all over the world helping animals!

There’s also dance –Tim MilgramScottDW, animal channels, Nicky Swift, tiny homes,  How It’s Made, Refinery29 – lifestyle, beauty, behind the scenes and girl power, Korean TV shows I can’t watch on Netflix or where ever my feed takes me.

Do you have YouTube favourites? Does YouTube inspire and motivate you? Do you read the comments? Crazy stuff goes on in the comments!

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