Weekend Friday Favourites

The evenings are now beginning to feel like November evenings I remember growing up. The ones with that crisp autumnal chill that bites as the temps transition to colder months. While I’ve climatised to Spanish/Catalan temps, my *internal seasonal body clock’s still programmed for British winters. I brace myself every year for those chilly October nights that never come. November I’m still in lighter weight jackets thinking I should be snug in a winter coat. I guess those cold, pretty winter days growing up made a mark. I’ve haven’t seen frost since I was last in the UK a few years ago. I forgot how pretty frost covered fields and trees are in the morning light. I don’t miss however frozen feet, defrosting windshields or negotiating ice!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

* Summer it’s well and truly adjusted!

Reminiscing aside, Weekend Friday Favourites. Things that have caught my eye or made me smile this week.

Pull and Bear NON DOWN Puffer Jacket.

Perhaps my reminiscing is because of this jacket. I was looking for a lightweight non down/goose feather puffer jacket to transition into the cooler temps. While I have one, I was never 100% happy in it and it wasn’t warm enough as it got chiller cycling. I find it difficult to find jackets and coats I like anyway. I cycle everywhere and that plays a part in what I wear. I kinda have to go for practical. I’ve done wool coats cycling. I had to layer up with knits, hoodies and scarves and never felt put together. Then I discovered puffer coats (non down of course) and that changed everything. So much warmer and I could layer less underneath or replace the heavier layers for lightweight ones. Plus the fabric’s better at being wind resistant, a major factor to consider in the winter months. I also want to feel stylish or put together not scruffy off the bike (P has a similar issue with motorbike jackets).9710327401_2_6_2

I initially couldn’t find one I liked and thought it’s only a few more weeks until I switch out to a bigger coat, I can deal with the one I’ve got. I rarely go into Pull and Bear and on this occasion I was looking for a white and navy striped top and out of desperation went in and came out with this. I went for a size larger than normal as the extra size up was better on the arms with a rucksack on (so important! Cold wind up sleeves cycling, brrrr!) and longer in hip length (again less cold air circulating cycling). So far it’s been the perfect transitional jacket. I’m warm cycling, I feel smart off the bike. Plus the price was a bonus, €19.99 and is lightweight which is hard to find with polyester filled puffer coats.


I followed these clouds cycling along the beaches Monday as the last of the light bounced off them and the sea. When I reached Barceloneta the sun was near setting and in the light reflecting caused purple rain out to sea.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

You can thank me later for ‘Purple rain, purple rain’ now stuck in your head.

AJ and Dimg_5271img_5119-1

Just because!

Lying Rope Pull Upsimg_5193

The rope was left out one day at the gym this week, so course I played on it! Lying rope pull ups are my favourite thing so far with it. From horizontal are what I’m working up to. And actually being able to climb one!


I love this! She released her line a few months ago in Spain, in person in Sephora’s El Triangle store here. I saw her but didn’t know what the deal was. I have since learned she’s a famous tattoo artist who loves make up (been living under rock, maybe) and the products aren’t tested on animals or sold in China. I needed a new concealer and was going to purchase the same one as before until I noticed she had 18 shades in warm, cool and neutral tones. I was almost sold there and then! One quick Google search confirmed the line’s cruelty free and with a little help from a Sephora advisor I’d found my shade L9. I’ve mostly been using it under eye covering those bags and I like it’s work. It hasn’t so far shifted during HITT workouts or migrate much into fine lines. Perhaps the biggest test was applying it at 04.50 in the morning, spending a day walking around Madrid and by 20.30 looking in a mirror it was still going strong. It really does what it says and is worth it’s price tag.

Internet Finds

The worlds smallest penguins, Korora penguins get their very own underpass crossing in New Zealand. Their tail shakes has to been one of the cutest things ever.

Matatu culture: Documenting Nairobi’s ‘museums on wheels’.

Trashzilla protests against polluting of Hong Kong’s Oceans. I refuse plastic carrier bags if I can and always have a reusable one in my bag, but the amount of plastic we get through recycling a day is unbelievable. A supermarket plastic carrier bag can be filled in 2 days if haven’t been grocery shopping (then filled in a day as unpacking). I’m not sure how much of it actually gets recycled once I’ve put in the street recycle bin however I’d like to think it doesn’t end up in one of the ocean plastic blobs. I’m sure some does which I don’t want to be part of of. Those plastic waste piles floating in our oceans and seas devastate marine and land environments.

Which leads to 11 everyday items you should stop using now. I’m happy I’ve stopped drinking coffee. Nespresso was my go to.

Bill Burr on Conan. Nothing will change with Trump as President and on emigrating to Canada (I’m a Bill Burr Monday Morning Pod Cast Fan).

Joanna Lumley jokes about her modelling career – The Graham Norton Show. Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie was released in Spain this weekend, but sadly it’s not being shown in VO. Fingers crossed Netflix gets it soon!

What’s been making you smile this recently? Have a great week!


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