The Dark Side Of Spring

I’m gonna put my absence here for a while down to writers block. That’s my excuse. Okay.

The dark side of Spring. I love Spring simply because Summer follows. I don’t love allergy season. This time every year I get slight eczema on my eyelids. Puffy swollen pink eyelids, on/off blocked sinuses depending on where I am. And sneezes. This year the eczema’s worse. I won’t lie, it gets me down, especially when your eyes look 20 years older. No eye make goes right with puffy eyelids. Eyeliner ends up thicker thanks to the puff. Eyeshadow at the end of the day even with eyeshadow primer wrinkly creased (Today  however I’ve started a new eyeshadow primer, so maybe 10 years older by the end of today).  Dark side of Spring. Wind and rain

I’ve been writing posts in my head, that’s as far as I’ve got with them. I’ve been taking photos as always. Not the usual amount. Same view, different day, different light, same repeat.

I have been watching YouTube. Mostly Pixiwoo tutorials. 2 sisters, 2 amazing make up artists. Despite puffy eyelids (okay, they’re not humungous, but puffed enough to not go down all day) my eyeliner application’s been getting better. I can’t remember how I found them (they’ve been around for 8 years on Youtube!), but I decided it’s time I learnt how to do make up properly. They have me in giggles, break everything down easily and I love their light Essex accent. Yes, I like their Essex accent! If you’re British you’ll know isn’t on the hot accent list. They currently live in Norwich, Norfolk, I’m from the county in-between, Suffolk. Both my parents families are from Essex (no accent) so I can say these things! A Suffolk accent some might say’s worse. Technically if we’re going to get nitty gritty, I’m from the Suffolk/Essex border which doesn’t really have a strong accent either way and my Mum never let me have either accent. It’s a mix of everything and at times I get asked if I’m American (ha!). I love watching them and their accents are litule bit of creature comfort.

The posts I wrote in my head, I’ve jotted down. I missed not not blogging and if I don’t want it to be same old, same old, somethings gotta change! A week off, new fresh ideas! Anyways, I’ll leave you with out and about pics.

The cliche March winds, is an understatement. It’s been so strong recently, cycling I’ve been pushed around a bit. One evening cycling back along the beaches, the wind whipped sand into my hair, eyes, everywhere. Stuck to my face, ugh. My cap flew off, I had to go searching for it with my bike light. A coconut oil overnight hair mask, helped put moisture back the wind stripped out. March wind

It’s made great running in one direction.
Run view

Sheltering and warming up cold hands with hot water after getting caught out cycling in the wind and rain warming cold hands

Palm trees are getting their green on. Parakeets have been feasting on the date palms.
Sunny palm tree

To break up long runs, one Sunday a month a long bike ride. Thankfully the wind was directly off the sea, so either direction was the same wind factor. 37km up the coast. I stopped off by the benches (below) to return some shells and stones back to the sea (Konmari method decluttering). Walking down the slope I slid on wet rocks and landed smack on my bum. 2nd time in 3 months. This time only my ego got bruised.

23 km bike ride

Mangabey Monkeys water tap at the zoo. This guy was having way more fun playing with it than drinking from it!Mangabey Monkeys water tapMangabey Monkey water tapIt gets dark dark around 7pm. 2 weeks until the clocks go forward! Reverse sunsets light’s getting warmer.March reverse sunset

Favourite and least favourite accent? Can’t say I’ve got a preference either way unless it’s monotone which definitely’s in the least category.


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    Ugh, allergy sucks. And do you drink hot water? Are you Chinese? 😀

    1. says:

      Ha Ha! Maybe! My blood’s B which isn’t what a white English girl’s meant have! I picked up drinking hot water from my mum and I knew it would warm up my fingers quicker than tea or coffee!

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