The Dark Side Of Spring

I’m gonna put my absence here for a while down to writers block. That’s my excuse. Okay.

The dark side of Spring. I love Spring simply because Summer follows. I don’t love allergy season. This time every year I get slight eczema on my eyelids. Puffy swollen pink eyelids, on/off blocked sinuses depending on where I am. And sneezes. This year the eczema’s worse. I won’t lie, it gets me down, especially when your eyes look 20 years older. No eye make goes right with puffy eyelids. Eyeliner ends up thicker thanks to the puff. Eyeshadow at the end of the day even with eyeshadow primer wrinkly creased (Today  however I’ve started a new eyeshadow primer, so maybe 10 years older by the end of today).  Dark side of Spring. Wind and rain

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