Weekend Friday Favourites

I did have a great opening paragraph but thanks to safari unexpectedly quitting on me and not selecting send report, I lost the first two drafts of this weeks Weekend Friday Favourites. It’s late and I’m sleepy, so I’ll try to keep this one short with minimal grammar mistakes.

Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have been making me smile this week or have caught my eye.

Vietnamese PurseVietnamese Purse

My em Huyen in France send me a beautiful surprise in the post this week! She picked this up for me when she was back in Vietnam over the New Year. I’ve been looking for a new purse and this one’s perfect!

Dawn Wednesday Dawn over Med seaCandy Floss CloudsCandy floss clouds

Or cotton candy for non British English speakers (candy floss is the only time we use candy instead of sweets)!

TRX Sprinters and Suspended Reverse LungesTRX SprintersTRX reverse Lunges

As a superset these really fire up and activate the hamstrings, booty and quads while working muscular endurance. I more than felt them running the next day! TRX sprinter demo here, suspended reverse lunges here.

Aj and DAj and D

Just because


While eating breakfast on the balcony one day this week, this little ladybird (ladybug for Americans) caught my eye. I felt honoured s/he’d visited my plants!

Sunset Port VellSunset Port VellBarcelona ZooLemurs Barcelona ZooRed Panda Barcelona ZooHeron Barcelona ZooPeahen, Barcelona Zoo

I made the zoo not once but twice this week! The new giraffe enclosure’s open, though I think it’s a smaller than they would have liked. During construction, they found Roman ruins and I think it’s leave them as they find them. The ruins aren’t open to the public, but they are on display. The otters enclosure’s got a facelift. They’ve taken removed a partition wall making their mini lake bigger. The spider monkeys (who have a new baby!) now have a new security fence for their night/sleeping quarters. Despite signs in 3 language saying please do not bang on the glass, people bang on the glass. Already they seem a lot calmer.

Internet Finds

An abandoned baby elephant finds a BFF with an ex service sniffer dog. 

Rescuing dogs from the streets of Sarajevo. 

Veganism as a non religious belief. I didn’t know that in the UK and Europe being a vegan is legally protected from discrimination. Does this mean all restaurants have to provide a vegan dish? Only joking! Following a plant based diet and being a vegan are two different things. For example, I eat honey, but I don’t wear leather which means I ‘miss out’ on a lot a amazing shoes and bags. Fibre technology’s advancing all the time with this winter being the first winter I found warm non wool jumpers that have held their shape. However I did have trouble finding a non down puffer/quilted coat this season. So yes, veganism is a non religious belief.

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great week!

TRX sprinter and suspended lunge images taken from Goggle Images.


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    Glad you included ‘Just because’ 😀

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  2. Love the color of the Vietnamese purse and the pattern. Great shot of the ladybug.

    Lanterns have been making me smile a lot this week, but I think the thing that made me smile the most was the level 2 ultrasound I had done last Thursday. I am still amazed by the level of technology!!

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      😉 Work it Preggy Princess!

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