Greek Gods aka Cats

During the fews day I had exploring Athens with P, one thing I noticed were the many street animals. Packs of dogs flaked out in the hot sun which upset me. They looked well fed, nobody paid them much mind, I didn’t see anyone abusing them but I’ve no idea how they survive the winters or if anyone looks after them. Maybe a local rescue group cares for them, maybe locals treat them as community dogs. Maybe they’re part of Greek culture.

The entrance sign outside the Ancient Agora and Stoa of Attalos, strictly says no dogs allowed inside. This girl’s clearly a rule breaker! Her pack might have been by the Aeropagus Hill a 10-15 minute walk from the Ancient Agora near the Acropolis gates. I think those dogs and the beach dogs had it better than those flaked out in Syntagma Square. As it got cooler in the evening, they got active. Those in the square must have amazing street smarts if they cross the road as the square’s an island and the traffic never stopped even at 1am! One dog was camped outside MacDonalds. Great for food scraps, not good for their health! I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe they’re a by-product of Greece’s current economic situation. I didn’t see any puppies, but there were quite a few teenage and older dogs.

Street Dog at the Ancient Agora

Cats however always seem to do better being feral than dogs. There’s always a cat lady willing to feed them! If you happen to be a cat living around the Acropolis then you must be revered as a cultural icon!

Leading the way up the Acropolis from the Ancient Agora.Cat Ancient Agora

This guy kept watch over looking the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, built by Herodes in memory of his wife. Love his braces!Cat at the AcropolisCat at the AcropolisThis guy kept guard by the Sanctuary of Zeus Polieus and the back of the Acropolis.Cat at the Acropolis

This guy helps out the guards by the small guard and information station.Cat at the AcropolisCarved in stone. Guarding the gate out.Stone Cats, Acropolis

I’ve no idea why this lady feeding the cats on the path down outside the Acropolis has her face covered. Maybe she didn’t want to be known as cat lady, maybe it’s her sun protection! The cats didn’t care. All these guys had great manners and waited their turn!Feeding cats near the AcropolisFeeding cats near the AcropolisFeeding cats near the Acropolis

This handsome tabby hung out by a beach restaurant near the last tram beach stop Asklipiio Voulas, 50 minutes from the centre. One eye on ear rubs, the other on food!Beach catWhy do you think cats have always been revered in ancient cultures?


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    I always find feral cats to be a little less intimidating than dogs. Maybe because they are just less aggressive than the street dogs I have encountered. I think cats have an element of mystery to them.

    1. says:

      I think it’s because they’re less intimidating and smaller too. They’re not seen as a threat. Street dogs normally have had it bad which is why they might seem aggressive. It’s not just humans who get messed up from past experiences!

      Cats, always like to think they have an element of mystery to them. But I’d love to know how after kitten hood they hardly visually age!

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