Weekly Photo Challenge Grid

This weeks challenge is a little tricky for me. While I try to balance out my photos, proportion them, use the rule of 3 etc, I haven’t many photos of straight lines, right angles, grids. Sharp angles are man made, many of my photos are of nature, so here’s my spin on grids! Enjoy!

Parthenon, Athens.
Pantheon Athens

Stoa of Attalos, Athens
Stoa of Attalos, Athens

Drain cover, AthensDrain cover Athens

Contrails, Barcelona

Lemur, Barcelona Zoo reaching for fallen leaves on the roof of their enclosure!Lemur, Barcelona ZooFestive Amazon, Barcelona Zoo. This is one of a few enclosure I’d wish they’d improve. I always feel sorry of for the parakeets and parrots in this aviary. This guy, I chat with. They can mimic a few sounds and he can say Hola! When I say hola, he walks across the branches and down the fencing to to ‘chat’. There’s another bird, a Hill Myna who does exactly the same in another enclosure when I say hello, expect he flies over and we wolf whistle, the usual ‘dog calling’ whistle, say ¡Hola Guapo! at each other! I’m teaching him/her hello, but he just says adieu. When I leaving saying adieu, he mimics me perfectly!

Festive Amazon Barcelona Zoo

Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona. The focus was on the rainclouds, however Catalan architects love lines!

Stormy skies, Barcelona

Grid Weekly Photo Challenge Grid


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