Smog Running

The smog covered Northern France and Paris at the weekend made its way South the past couple of days. Restrictions haven’t been as strict as in Paris and we’ve been free to move around, but you can definitely feel heaviness outside, especially if you run. Duh!

Monday’s workout was a good smash of strength, cardio and as always functional in the strength. The morning was busy so soon I got the chores done, I was out for some ‘fresh’ air. It was a perfect Spring day, though I couldn’t stay out and play as pennies have to be made! Smog made Nice hazy in the distance.


The kids Monday afternoon were hyper. No way were they going to concentrate without burning it off. Exercise is a good way, but I can’t have them jumping around screaming, so hide and seek it was! Luckily the parents understand that English after school isn’t like English at school. The kids get so excited and they get to learn ‘Where’s…..’, under, in, behind etc. I get calm children afterwards who concentrate. I can be a cool teacher sometimes!

Paul normally’s on watch Monday’s however this the week rota’s changed so I walked to the boat to come home with him. The house I teach at isn’t far from the port and I like walking to the boat along the sea wall (added bonus I get a pit stop!). It a pretty view. The mountains were just visible due to low cloud and smog. IMG_6102

These two seagulls were having a really good gossip. I swear they laugh at humans.IMG_6106 IMG_6107

Tuesday I switched up my workout braving a JC Santana strength circuit. While I like my own workouts, by trying others I keep my body guessing and new ideas for me. I’m normally 3 sets of 10 reps, this circuit is 4 sets of 4-6 reps of mostly bodyweight and resistance bands work. Easy? Normally at this rep range the weight is heavier than usual depending on the goal and even with just bodyweight and resistance bands it wasn’t easy. Well, maybe during, but later you really feel it! It’s deceiving! If you want to put hustle in the muscles as JC Santana says, he’s the man!IMG_6123

The smog hang around Tuesday, lifting slightly as Nice was more visible on my bike ride. I was feeling Spring so added a little French flair and kept it simple with plimsoles and jeans. One thing I love about the transition from Winter to Spring is going from socks and warm shoes to lighter shoes and no socks, just little sockettes! No socks equal less laundry!IMG_6141IMG_6151First dandelions of the year!

We finally watched last the last episode of season 2, House of Cards. Well, Paul did, I snuggled up to AJ and feel asleep. I’d already read the ending (Paul never gets why I do that or read the last chapter of a book half way through. I’m mean and don’t like surprises), so I roughly know what happened. I still have to re-watch it as Kevin Spacey has done such a great job playing Frank Underwood, that I really don’t like him now!

This morning coffee looked different. I forgot to put a fresh pod in and that’s pretty much how the morning went. I debated another before running as I had sleepy eyes, but decided against it. 2 coffees a day for me and they’re probably combined less than one tall Starbucks. I like my afternoon coffee, so just laced up my trainers and set off for 7km. It was hard. Quads weren’t having it and my shoulders were sore from yesterdays workout. Add that I couldn’t intake air well as it was muggy thanks to the smog. Not much but you can feel it. I also managed to loose my headband. I think someone shouted ‘Madam’, ‘Madam’ but I thought they meant someone else. A few weeks ago I lost another running and a girl on my loop back held it out for me. Thank you mystery girl! H&M are the best headbands I can find in Europe but Sweaty Bands are the best. My birthday’s soon and I’m dropping hints this year, Mr what do you want for your birthday?!IMG_6194 IMG_6186

I found this great piece of drift wood while running. Meerkat? Prairie Dog? Bear?IMG_6189The day got better. A breakthrough with my fitness certificates, Coola Suncream from amazon and Paul came home early as someone took his watch. The guy didn’t want to go out drinking and needed excuse. I like it when people like being healthy!

Hanging out with the boys. D’s watching sleeping moths just incase they move and Aj loves his blankies.IMG_6248 IMG_6211Do you like to switch up workouts or stick with the same old? Switching up is good!



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