Cat Yoga Mats and a Run.

After thunderstorms last night, the air this morning was nice and cool for my morning run. So cool, I thought I fast, but instead it was a slow, easy 7km, Ha!IMG_0191IMG_0203The cats are also appreciating the cooler air. The past couple of days they’ve been finding the coolest places in the apartment. They always know exactly where they are, flop or curl up, look up every now and then, give ‘it’s hot, do something’ looks and hide out there for the summer,. The floor is quite hard and I don’t like them sitting for long periods on the it. Especially these two, who love their blankets!IMG_2026IMG_7194IMG_8022

It’s no secret that Mr AJ loves yoga mats. Any chance he gets to sit and wash on it, he will perfectly achieve compass pose.  He especially liked my old pink one I replaced a month before moving due to it was sliding around working out. I saved it to protect furniture in the removal van. I had a great idea that it would be perfect for their cool areas. It’s cushioned enough yet still keeps them cool. Instant hit and Mr AJ gets his very own yoga mat! IMG_8051IMG_8054IMG_8060Part of the mat, Paul put under their litter box, similar to a door mat to stop the litter going everywhere in the apartment. I wasn’t sure it would work, but it’s helping. Pampered pooches have nothing on these two!

Do you enjoy the cooler air after a thunderstorm? If you have pets, how to they keep themselves cool in the summer? What do you do to help them keep cool?


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