Lessons To Be Learnt #3

#3 Look where you’re going.

I got a little too lost today in my thoughts running, didn’t pay attention to the path and ar*e over T I went.

Our park/trail running days here are numbered. I’ve requested that we run in the park as much as possible before we move as we may not find one so beautiful close by. That leaves at least 3 more runs soaking up the birds, butterflies, lizards, dragonflies, snakes, rabbits, squirrels, cicadas, the trees and peace and quiet. Last one especially!IMG_8524

We got to an virtually empty park around midday and set off to do 7km each, on different trails as we usually do. Everything was going great. Birds were out, loads of magpies (Sometime I salute them. I mostly mentally say hello) and lizards rustling in the dried leaves as I ran past them. I miss judged the distance, did an extra loop to make the up it up and actually ended up running an extra 1km. On the last hill down, my thoughts wandered, I took my eyes off the path ahead for one second and bam, I roll over on my ankle. The one that’s just recovered from a sprain 6 weeks ago. The thats had/has achilles problems! Pain struck immediately in the same place and all I could think of was, Please no! Not now! Cr*p!

Fortunately, the pain eased up quickly and I was able to walk the last 200m back the car (rounding it up to 8km of trails). It wasn’t as nearly swollen as last time, but I still iced and rested it as soon as I got home. For now it’s seems okay. It was fine walking around Nice, though yoga’s out this evening. I’m going to get my hands slapped next week at the Osteopath next week!IMG_8501 IMG_8506 IMG_8517

Getting to Nice was fun. We hit the late afternoon Friday traffic. Paul was concerned we wouldn’t make in time before the shops shut. Traffic was bad, but I knew we’d make it, just! Paul dropped me off a few blocks from the centre for a head start while he parked. As luck would have it, I get ‘lost’ and I finally find the side street with the cool boutiques. Sod’s law, it’s my last time in Nice for a long time and I haven’t got time to look around them! Make things worse, Paul parks and gets to the first shop before me!

We had an item to return and a few credit notes to spend. I thought we’d go today, so if we don’t find a replacement item we like, we have one more week to find something before we move. As a rule, I generally try to avoid shopping in places that only offer store/credit notes instead of full refunds. I like full refunds! More often and not, what I did buy was the only item I liked at the time and ignored my gut instinct not to get it.

This weekend is just the start of a crazy next week. So much to do, so little time. One very important crazy, is Italy while it’s just 30 minutes down the road by car. As part as my birthday celebrations I’ve asked for the usual, spend time at the beach and this year, a day trip to Italy!

Have a great weekend! Ciao!

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