San Remo Birthday Wish

I’m a great believer in not working on birthdays (if I can) as they only come once a year and only once a year is it your day. Paul knows a thing or too about how to treat a girl on her birthday. This girl; a beach siesta, Italy and chocolate birthday cake.IMG_6959 San Remo was the destination. First however a new week, new year and new workout. Today inner and outer thighs, arms and core. On paper I wasn’t sure how it’d work, but it transitioned smoothly. I like it when workouts do that!IMG_6996It was slightly overcast when we got to San Remo and we nearly didn’t sit out. Little Miss Determined Me was sitting out! The beach system in Italy is similar to France. It’s either private or public. Normally we plonk our towels down on the public beach and soak up the sun. Birthdays are different. Sun loungers are involved. We went to the same private beach, Euro Nettuno as last year as I liked it so much. It has a touch of the 1950s and Sophia Lauren. Turquoise blue, private changing rooms to rent for the day, public changing rooms, kids play areas, sun loungers with adjustable head shade, showers, mini foot showers, old fashioned outdoor sinks to rinse swimsuits and clothes lines complete with pegs. €5 gets you a sun lounger all day. Italians have got beach life down!

As the season is only just starting, they’re still doing spring repairs. I believe the beach is family run and I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the Nonna inspecting todays work. Standards are to be held! Neither could I not help but smile when we past a bunch of nonnas enjoying the sun and probably putting the world to rights. Italian to my ears is a crazy language. It sounds Spanish, then French, then I realise it’s Italian and only understand a fraction.

Not long after we got changed and picnicked (I’m not sure if own food is allowed as they have a restaurant/cafe also) the sun came out as I knew it would. Birthday wish fulfilled; beach siesta in the Italian sun and the day spent with Paul.


No afternoon trip to Italy would be complete without some shopping! The beaches are about a 5-10 minute car drive away. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to walk along the promenade up to the town, to look around and then find a supermarket before heading back. (Thanks to Paul being a chef, we’re more or less guaranteed within 2 hours of being in a different country to be looking around a supermarket. It’s rubbed off *the horror*!). Maybe next time we can. I have a feeling I said that last time too.

Paul and I haven’t always celebrated many birthdays together due to his work. That’s meant there’s been a lot of birthdays without cake. Regardless of your age, no birthday is complete without cake. I lurve cake, but I don’t like eating eggs (ethical and health reasons). Paul had another surprise with an eggless chocolate cake recipe he adapted. Who knew oat flour, bi carb soda and apple cider vinegar make a good cake! He’s got my back! IMG_0006

As did he Saturday. I spent most of the afternoon and evening in bed feeling sick. I think my body needed rest and had to force me to rest. That’s the only explanation I’ve got. I slept for hours and didn’t protest when I was told to change into my PJs and have an early night. Sunday I felt well enough to a trail run. We’ve only got 3 more of them left before we move and I wasn’t missing a park session! I somehow managed 10.5km (I’m not Little Miss Determined for nothing!) albeit with a slower pace than normal. I hadn’t set off expecting a quick pace, but looking at that average time made me feel slow. I had to remind myself I wasn’t 100%, I’m running trails and sometimes you just have to enjoy running for running. In an unexpected twist, there’s a couple in their 60’s walking their gorgeous white bull terrier whom I pass and smile at a few times most Sundays. The man kicks the ball, the terrier runs after it and noses it back. This week they cheered me on as it was a hot day. Finally a rapport built and we move away next week! IMG_8567 IMG_8576

Do you take the day off for your birthday? What’s your perfect birthday?


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    Happy birthday, beautiful girl!!

    1. says:

      Thank you Sweet Pea!

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    What a wonderful post and happy birthday – it all looks brilliant 🙂 🙂
    I try and take a day off work on my birthday – it’s on a Sunday this year so I have taken Friday and Monday off too!!! I expect lots of cake will ensue and trouble if it doesn’t !! 🙂 xx

    1. says:

      Thank you!
      An extra long weekend and cake make a good birthday! And yes, must have cake, otherwise trouble for those who forgot!

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