Under The Mediterranean Sea: June 2021

Welcome back to another Under the Med Sea!

Few snorkel where I snorkel in the summer making it a secret world few know exist. I get scared sometimes, but it’s a completely different world to land. As summer started the sea got a little clearer. Somedays almost as clear as on land.

I mistakenly said in Under the Med Sea Early Mid July I didn’t go in the water much and posted the octopus I saw one day. The ‘missing’ photos I found on another library and it was late June I saw the freaky eyed octopus.

The light shimmers are magical
Teenage striped sea breams and adult saddled sea bream
So clear you can see teenage striped sea breams
Teenage striped sea breams

These guys were newcomers. At first I though their head was staggered in levels (I don’t know how else to describe it). After a little research it’s an optical illusion from the golden stripe between their eyes as I think they’re gilt head seabeams. They’re much larger than the salemas and striped and saddled sea breams I usually see. They seem to ignore everything around them and I never saw them high up in the sea column.

Sea rainbows
I think a type of mullet. They’re are quite shy and swim fast!
Wave rolling into the shoreline

Freaky eyes! It makes me so sad when I see their tentacles chopped and shrink wrapped in plastic in the supermarkets (I won’t start on the shrink wrapped suckling piglets I see either). I think it’s a common octopus.

Thank you for stopping by to peek under the sea! Find out more how you can help protect Mediterranean Sea and its inhabitants by visiting the WWF and Oceana Europe.

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