Weekend Friday Favourites

Welcome back to another Weekend Friday Favourites, where I share what’s caught my eye or made me smile this week! There’s lots to share, so keep on reading to find out!

How to Help Ukraine Animal Shelters

The current situation in Ukraine isn’t anything to smile about. Videos of Ukrainans asking stranded Russian tanks if they want a tow back to Russia, farmers towing away tanks with tractors yes, almost everything else no. 

Many animal shelters are still operating the best they can in Ukraine, however food is running out for the animals. Thanks to Instagram and shared stories I came across Plant Based Treaty which listed the main Ukrainan shelters to donate to: 

Happy Paw

IG @happy_paw 




IG @unanimals.official 



Shelter Ugolyok

IG @shelter_ugolyok




IG @sirius.shelter


International Animal Protection League:


Shelter Ugolyok rescue and rehabilitates not only cats and dogs, ‘livestock’ too. She did share in one post if people didn’t mind some money donated went to a local orphanage for food. Nobody would mind! Happy Paws work as an umbrella foundation for many shelters throughout Ukraine and are directing funds to the shelters. Uanimals is an animal’s rights organisation again helping shelters and zoos (they’re not for ‘contact zoos’ as per one Instagram post however in war saving animal lives comes first so are helping zoos at the moment). Sirius Shelter is the largest shelter in Ukraine with about 3165 dogs and 218 cats to feed. I found Shelter Ugolyok the easier to donate to via linktr.ee/Ugolyok as it was at the time the only page in English. At the time of posting most now have Linktr in English for easier donations.

More Birds

I’m not a bird photographer! I can’t post zoo photos as the zoo owns the image so to speak (that’s if you make money from the photos). Birds however are free and I can take photos of birds! Magpies have a mischievous nothing to see air about them that always makes me laugh.


Business Insider

This channel’s taking me all over the globe visiting traditional arts and crafts recently. From Vietnam to Indonesia to South America to North Africa from printing to weaving to pottery to soap making to incense to perfume. Three recent videos that have stuck with me:

Why is rattan so expensive. I never knew that wicker is a type of weaving not the material.

How this electricity free fridge saved an Indian ceramics factory.

How a village kept a 3000 year old pottery tradition alive in Tunisia

Honest Beauty at Douglas

Douglas is finally expanding their Honest Beauty range! I’m a Korean beauty brand at heart, but it does sway for Honest Beauty. I like that they use clean ingredients and heavily feature natural ingredients keeping the ingredient list simple and are into sustainability. I’m not keen on all the skin care line but find the makeup line good. It’s so hard to find in Spain clean makeup brands that don’t cost the earth and that work. Their mascara is the best! I’m excited to try the shampoo and conditioner recently available (sadly currently just 1 shampoo and 2 conditioners available from the 4 types available in the USA).

Entropia Paperstore

A friend recently started working at Entropia Paperstore, a cute papelería or stationery shop here in Barcelona. I have a thing for cute notebooks and said no to myself buying before walking in as I don’t need anymore. It’s paper, easy recycling right? Of course I went for the animal themed ones. If you like Japanese stationery this is your shop to visit in Barcelana. They also have a wide range of Spanish, Korean and other European brands as well as stickers upon stickers upon stickers. I never realised how big journaling or scrapbooking is until recently. Instagram @entropia_paperstore

Internet Finds

Newly Elected Honduras Government to Ban Open Pit Mining 

This is huge! So much land will be saved! BBC.

Crab.e.cam: The underwater crab videos captivating. Crab adventures! BBC here

A templar town’s underground twin. BBC

And that’s it! Please share in the comments below what has made you smile or caught your eye this week! Have a great weekend and stay safe! 

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