Weekend Friday Favourites

I’ve just checked the calendar and little wave of nausea hit. 3 weeks until the Barcelona Spartan Race. How do that happen? Am I ready for it. No, but are we really ready for anything?

I’m signed up, but yet to find team or decided to run it solo. My initial team are now running the Beast. 20km with 30 plus obstacles. I signed up months ago for the Super 13km with plus 25 obstacles after triple checking that’s what they were running. My thinking sign up early, so you’ll train, not hope there’s a space last minute. That worked didn’t it. I don’t want to waste my training. Equally I don’t to drive back knackered and maybe sporting an injury large or small. P’s working so can’t help. I do have a plan, I’m waiting for a reply. Or I suck up the long train journey there. If it was just just outside the city, I’d be fine. Or just not run it. B*gger!

Anyways, Weekend Friday Favourites. Things that have been making me smile or caught my eye this week. Who know’s maybe one day it’ll be posted on a Friday! It’s short one as most of week I’ve been preparing my lesson plan for my Outdoor Fitness Coach course, trying to sneak away for the last few days of summer beach sun (anytime after 4.30pm forget. It’s chilly warm) and not do my evening crash when get it. I managed 1 evening to stay awake, so that’s progress! I recognise some of the triggers. Part laziness, habit and it’s mind game not to fall into the trap. I’m working on it, some head space would be nice, but nobody wants to hear that. It’s my fight!

Parc Ciutadella. La MerceParc Ciutadella. La Merce, 2015Parc Ciutadella. La Merce, 2015Parc Ciutadella. La Merce, 2015

This weekend is the La Merce, Barcelona’s party to itself. It’s a weekend early which has thrown me as it’s always the last full weekend in September. There’s voting next weekend, so it’s been put forward a weekend. The official day is next Thursday (with public holiday just for the city) with 3 days of celebrations and events all around the city. Sadly I won’t be participating in my favourite event Corre Foc as I have to be up early the next day 🙁 Parc Ciutadella this week’s full of surprises in every corner. Part of a aeroplane, mechanical horses and things that look like they wouldn’t look out of place in the movie Around the World in 80 Days!

Parch Cuitadella after training clients Friday. The lamp posts always remind of Narnia!Parc Ciutadella

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil Decorative Owl CandlesZara Home See/Hear/Speak No Evil Owl Candles

A Zara Home find. I’ve always wanted a set of the see/hear/speak no evil monkeys. These are the next best thing from Zara Home. Zara Home has this thing for decorative candles which I don’t get. Does anyone burn them? I also have my eye out for the Buddha yoga cat sculpture!

SurfersSurfers Barcelona

Barcelona’s surfing season’s started early this year. A sign, summer’s saying see you later!

Barcelona Zoo, My Sanctuary in the City!

I didn’t know zebras had stripes on their ears!Zebra Barceloan Zoo

PelicanPelican Barcelona Zoo

Like this?Peahens, Barcelona Zoo

Lawn Decorations Flamingos Barcelona Zoo

Miss Granny

I actually watched a movie on Netflix this week!  A rare event. A Korean movie (I do watch English language shows!) about a 70 year old Grandma who’s about to be put in a home, goes for a walk, finds a photography studio, who promises to make her look 50 years younger and leaves being a 20 year old again, yet only in body. It’s only of those you just watch and not have to think about apart from the subtitles. It had me laughing and crying!


Tille the Golden Retriever stays with her friend Phoebe the beagle until help arrives. 

Modern Day Indiana Jones. Nat Geo Lure of Lost City

Nat Geo Red Panda Day. So cute!

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great weekend!


  1. says:

    Thanks for sharing. Great factor in the images. Keep up the awesome work.

    1. says:

      Thank you 🙂

  2. says:

    I love those candles. I don’t think i could burn them, though. They’re too cute. Hang in there and DO THE SPARTAN! One last race to finish out 2015… you’ll be happy you did it! 🙂

    1. says:

      🙂 I’m working on transport! My last race of 2015 will be Las Nassas on 31st December! It’s a great way to run out the year!

      The owls are cute aren’t they 🙂

  3. says:

    Glad I’m not the only one that always feels underprepared when the race looms near! 🙂 I’m sure you’ll do fine – yes, parts will be tough… but you can’t prepared for everything!

    1. says:

      I’m sure I’ll be fine to! I hoping I solve the transport issues to run it.

      I think no one is ever 100% prepared for anything which is why people have to self motivate before races, events and surround themselves with positive people, shout in the mirror (not me), you got this!

  4. says:

    Good luck with the Spartan. I think it’s true what you say, sometimes we never feel prepared. We just have to do it and surprise ourselves.
    I love the see no evil owls. What a great find!

    1. says:

      Thank you! I’m hoping I get to run it!

      Is there Zara Home in Canada? It’s fatal when I go in, so I limit my trips! I have to do a ‘Luther’ from the BBC drama Luther when visiting crime scenes he kept his hands in his pockets to avoid the temptation of touching things 🙂

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